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Personal Note
Greetings, I live on the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island a place called Ahousaht. I enjoy living here especially working with the youth and community. I enjoy to travel, and meeting people of other cultures. I enjoy my culture and want to continue to learn more of it. Sports is something I really enjoy especially basketball, and hockey as I do travel to watch tournaments and once in a blue moon go to Vancouver for a game or 2. Furthest I travelled for basketball is the All Native in Prince Rupert and Alberta. I am a very peoples person, I enjoy meeting people and can chat up a storm some say I look quiet but watch out lol.(they say watch out for the quiet ones)lol. I have been home now for almost a year now and love it here. There are hard times but pull through it (meaning my job gets tough). Never thought I'd come home and never thought I'd enjoy living here but I do love it.My dream vacation is New Zeland I have completed my other dream vactions and now want to reach my goal of going to New Zeland one day. Like I said my favorite quote is "Live Life to fullest Like it is Your last" lol something to that extend. I love family get togethers and community events. I could say more but next time.
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