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Jerome Touze and Peter Ward came up with the idea of Where Are You Now? over a beer, after having backpacked around the world during their gap year. Having met lots of people without being able to keep in touch with them easily, they came up with the idea of being able to visualize where your friends are and allowing you to interact with them.

They have set up this profile so you can be up to date with how they are changing and improving the site for members. It's also where you can find out what they are up to!
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Jerome Jerome

I am originally from Marseille, France; I decided to switch from bright sunshine to London's fog in order to enrol in a British university. I am now settled and never travel without a block of cheddar and marmite...

Peter Peter

I'm Pete, half Polish and loving my home town in London; since the launch of WAYN I have switched off my phone and can only be found online :)

A quote which sums up our beliefs:
"The creation and promotion of cross-cultural dialogue and performances is an integral part of building a more tolerant and peaceful world"
NiCo DaSwAni

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