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The Amazon Conservation Association is a non-profit organization legally incorporated in the United States, Peru and Bolivia. The directors and staff are experienced tropical ecologists and conservationists. Our goal is to conserve biodiversity through development of new scientific understanding, sustainable resource management and rational land-use policy for Amazonian ecosystems.

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Los Amigos, Peru

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  • Amazon Conservation Association
  • Los Amigos Biological Station (CICRA)
  • Wayqecha Biological Station
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The Amazon

Where We Work

Los Amigos Conservation Concession

Our Conservation Concession lies at the mouth of the Los Amigos River. This watershed is the lowland forest corridor that protects the eastern access of Manu National Park and connects it to the Tambopata protected region. The watershed contains a great diversity of pristine habitats. Training and research programs began in 2000. In February 2000 we signed an agreement with the Peruvian government, granting us management authority over the entire watershed, which drains more than a million acres of forest. This center of excellence will provide the base for many of our research programs.

Wayqecha Cloud Forest

The Wayqecha cloud forest site runs from above tree-line in the altiplano down through cloud forest to montane rainforest, and acts as part of the buffer zone along Manu's southern flank. We are developing a consortium project to manage the watershed adjacent to Manu and also to create Peru's only permanent field facility focused on cloud forest ecology and management. In nearby areas we are helping indigenous communities establish conservation concession areas to be protected for future generations.

Pampas del Heath

Located in northern Bolivia, Pampas del Heath are the best-conserved Amazon savannas. These savannas play a critical role in increasing the total species' diversity of the Tropical Andes region. They also provide shelter to rare and threatened mammals.