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How to meet people online

Making new friends is not an easy thing to do. You may be wondering: how to meet people online, which social network to choose, how to start a conversation? Look no further! We have a great solution for you.

Meet People is a kind of game which makes it easy to find new friends online and check who is interested in you. We randomly show you WAYNers who have agreed to participate in the game. You simply vote whether you want to meet these people or not. Meeting like-minded people has never been easier! See our tool’s sections below, how they work and how to meet people online in a way that is both simple and fun.

Meet people

Here we show to you members who share mutual friends or things in common with you. All you need to do is decide who you wish to meet by clicking "Yes", "Maybe" or "No" buttons above their profile photos. You can also communicate with the suggested person by sending them a message.


Shows you members that you are interested in and who are interested in meeting you.

Who selected me

See who wants to meet you and make your decision, or start a chat with them.

My selection

The list of members that you marked as the ones whom you want to meet ("Yes") or as the ones whom you may wish to meet ("Maybe").

You can use "Filter" options to search for people based on their location, activities, age, gender and online/offline status.

Meet People game is completely free to use. Register now to make full use of this great tool. No matter whether you want to find a friend or a date, locally or globally, while traveling or just looking for a pen-friend in another country, join WAYN community - one of the best ways to meet people online.

Find out how Scarlett uses WAYN, follow her example and have fun!

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