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- Comunidad Valenciana
Enjoy sun and sand in Spain

- Featured Interview
Surfer girl Luciana

- WAYN in Numbers
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Dear ,

The WAYN team are all smiles now that summer is finally in our hemisphere! You like marine reserves and protected parks, a lot. You like culture and leisure activities. You love going on vacation with your family, and join the fun with your kids.
Or you love surfing and always wondered what life would be like if you ever found yourself on a sunny beach in Argentina.

Whichever, whatever, this month's WAYN Newsletter issue sure has got something to keep you updated.

Read on to find out more...

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Go enjoy the Spanish summer in Valencia!

Valencian Region If you’re still deciding on that picture perfect holiday, why not try the east coast of Spain, where you can enjoy Valencian Region hospitality and culture, surrounded by sunny, sandy beaches. The region is known for its protected parks, great beaches and marine reserves, and there’s no better way to enjoy pristine nature than by camping.

Castellon, Valencia, Alicante and Benidorm compose the Valencian region, which enjoys a soothing climate all year round. If you’re feeling energetic, take in the stunning natural parks, dive into the ocean or go for a wide range of water sports.
And for those looking for their culture fix, you can sample each of the provinces’ traditional festivities in beautiful villages along the coast.

To view great camping offers in Valencian Region, including photos and videos, visit

Find the perfect getaway and go have some fun under the sun!

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Travelling this month...
Member interview...
Say hello to Sarah!Say hello to Julia!Say hello to Balint!

Read the interview!
Name: Luciana
Age: 27

Luciana is an Argentinian surfer girl, who loves punk music.
Get to know her better!

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... read more

Be here next month!

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WAYN in Numbers
WAYN in Numbers
Following a recent update to the look, feel and functionality of the site, has some great numbers to report:

12 million visits in the last 30 days
275% increase in monthly visits to the site
• Over 17 million registered users
17,000 photo uploads per day; almost 23 million strong photo gallery
87,000 comments/ratings generated daily
7,000 trips added daily
• Over 20,000 dream Destinations and Activities added daily

Thank You for being a part of the WAYN community!