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Dear ,

For all us in the northern hemisphere, spring is finally here! To celebrate the arrival of this wonderful season, we bring you great holiday gems for your travel schedule. Go green in South Africa or try out a camping holiday. On top of this, you can rise to fame with our new WAYN Popularity feature.

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Travel with care – come to South Africa

Visit South Africa on WAYN! Green tourism�has grown over recent decades to become something of a South African specialty. It's simply a kinder way of travelling - gentler on your pocket, sensitive to community hosts and caring towards nature. Get a tan, drink some wine, buy a few crafts, speak to the locals and find out how they live. Making a positive contribution really is this easy.

In South Africa, sustainable tourism can make for the most memorable trip of your life.

Visit South Africa's profile on WAYN and learn how to make a difference. Yes you can!

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Experience Europe at highest camping level

LeadingCampingsIf you are a discerning holidaymaker, LeadingCampings of Europe is the right choice! 32 camping resorts in 9 different European countries offer you individual hospitality and outstanding quality. Enjoy different types of lodging � even tree houses � or stay with your own camping gear.

We will always treat you as a special guest. You might be a young family with active kids, or a couple in your silver years seeking relaxation: You are welcome. Try our spa facilities and our sports programs, meet our friendly and professional staff and enjoy holidays as close to nature as to luxury.

Find your perfect camping resort now and treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday!

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Travelling this month..
Member interview...
Say hello to Sivasankar!Say hello to Ingrid!Say hello to Nawras!

Read the interview!
Name: David
Age: 48

This month, read up about David, an Englishman who never travels without his binoculars or an open mind

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... read more

Be here next month!

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Give your popularity a boost!
Give your popularity a boost!
Rise to fame on WAYN and increase your chances of meeting people from around the world. To increase your popularity, check out the new Popularity status on the top toolbar and learn what you can do to stand out from the crowd.

You can also give yourself a short term popularity boost by appearing at the top of the homepage and on top of people's profiles. To find out how you can get your 24 hours of fame, click on "Appear here" at the top of the Featured people section.