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The world’s most scary bridges (dare you!)

There are high bridges and then there are these bridges! Cross if you dare, it means some great picture opportunities for the dare-devils out there.

Millau Viaduct, France

You’ve got to like heights to go near this bridge, which crosses the Tarn river, in southern France. It’s taller than the Eiffel tower at 1,125 ft (343m) and is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world. There are often clouds surrounding it, which is a talking point but also an alarming sensation when driving a car!

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

It looks dangerous and you’ve guessed it, it is! Purely for the adventurous traveller, this ancient suspension bridge over the Hunza River is renowned as one of the most perilous, with huge gaps between the wooden planks and an unsettling swing as you go across it.

Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand 


Famous for the first ever commercial bungy jump back in 1988, this bridge is still as daunting as ever. People come from around the world to throw themselves off (attached only to a bungy cord) and at 47m about the river below its best avoided by anyone scared of high ledges.

Sidu River Bridge, Hubei Province, China

Don’t look down...  this is officially the highest bridge in the world at 1550ft (472m) above the gorge below. Built in 2009, it is higher than the Sears Tower in Chicago at 1450ft (442m) and even the Petronas Towers in Kula Lumpur at 1483ft (452m). It’s hard to beat this on the scary bridge scale.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, USA

The criteria surrounding how daunting a bridge really is does not always have to be based on its height but how it copes with extreme weather conditions. This bridge in Florida is a good example and doesn’t look particularly harrowing, that is until a hurricane arrives. It is known to be terrifying!

Monkey Bridges, Vietnam

Built by local people to cross the Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam, you need to cross carefully to avoid a dive into the river below. Made out of wood and bamboo they look like something out of an Indiana Jones Movie.

Captain William Moore Bridge, Alaska, USA

This is a bridge, which again, isn’t the highest or the scariest looking but the fact it is built on an earthquake fault is all you need to know. Cleverly, only one side of the bridge is anchored to prevent the bridge being destroyed in an earthquake. Cross at your own peril.

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