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Wonderful Wales

Have you ever been to Wales, to experience the mystic landscapes and picturesque castle ruins? Wales isn’t a big part of Great Britain but it is still fantastic country and you will be impressed by the hidden gems here. We’ve picked out 7 for you to marvel at.

1. Tintern Abbey

Soft grass instead of a carpet, the blue sky as a ceiling, strong winds blowing through the broken windows - situated in the Wye Valley and surrounded by green hills and the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey of Tintern, is one of the most romantic places in Wales. Its high columns seem to prop up the clouds, patterns of sunlight lay upon the ground and every stone there remembers its 700 years of history. Stop for a while and enjoy the silence.

2. Chepstow Castle

Few people know that a small village such as Chepstow keeps such a great secret: Chepstow Castle is the oldest post-Roman stone fortification that exists in Britain. The huge site consists of baileys, towers, walls and ancient rooms. Discover them all and don’t miss the fantastic view of the river Wye and the castle's reflection in it.

3. Snowdonia National Park

This is the place to experience amazing wildlife, incredible landscapes with natural lakes, green valleys, colourful mountains, dense forests and swift rivers. Feel the freedom that comes with being so close to the crashing waves of the Irish Sea. Afterwards, take the aged steam train (more than 100 years old) up to Snowdon - the highest peak in England and Wales at 1085 metres.

4. Caernarfon Castle

One of the greatest castles in Wales was part of the 'Iron Ring', built by the King of England, Edward I to control Wales. Its design was similar to the walls of Constantinople so that everybody could respect Edward’s authority. Go up to the walls and you'll see a whole fortress on one hand and on the other, the grey roofs of the coloured houses and the background of the stormy Menai Strait. It's so hard to choose which side is more amazing!

5. Conwy

There may only be a handful of streets and a castle but that doesn’t mean you won’t be spending a considerable amount of time in Conwy. Besides the imposing fortifications, you’ll find a suspension bridge over the river Conwy, a 14th Century church, a merchant's house and the smallest house in Great Britain. Finish the walk on the quay and share your impressions with the boisterous seagulls.

6. Welsh culture

Wales is steeped in incredible traditions. The Welsh language is one of the oldest in Europe and Celtic myth, legend and fantasy are still alive here. “The land of the song” is also famous for its folk singing and poetry. This small nation is proud of its history - what an example to follow.

7. Cider, beer and food

You'll never stay hungry in Wales! Traditional Welsh cuisine is simple but healthy and tasty, especially when it goes with a pint of Welsh beer. Just taste and enjoy - pictured above is traditional Welsh Rarebit, which is toasted bread with melted cheddar cheese.

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