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Top things to do in the Maldives

The tropical paradise of the Maldives is a popular choice among tourists. With deep blue seas and great coral reefs the Maldives provides a sense of tranquility for those that are visiting. Here is a rundown of the best attractions and places to visit and do on this paradise island.

1. Bluetribe Excursion & Diving Center - Moofushi Resort


Image: bluetribe

Without a doubt, some of the top highlights of the Maldives are the incredible coral reefs and marine life. The Bluetribe Excursion & Diving center – Moofushi Resort offers some of the best experiences when it comes to water sports: whether it be windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, and much more.

2. Island hopping


The Maldives consist of nearly 1,200 islands, so hopping around to the several islands is a treat in itself and an exciting adventure too. So go and arrange a chartered boat or tour to take you on an adventure to see all of Maldives in all its glory.

3. National Museum



Located at Male, this museum houses different artefacts that reflects the islands long history. Including the Sultan’s throne and palanquins, it is worth a visit to not only learn about the history of the island but also to get a chance to see the magnificent artefacts that shaped the island.

4. Marine life safaris


The Maldives have superb conditions for spotting the very diverse marine life: 'snorkeling safaris' are a must-do! You never know, you might spot a dolphin or two ;) So grab your gears and get ready for a marine expedition of a lifetime. For best results head to Banana reef, HP reef or Manta point.

5. Undersea dining


Image: conradhotels

How would you feel about dining under the ocean ? Well, here is your chance! Head to Ithaa Undersea restaurant which is located at Conrad, Rangoi Island. Set 5m below sea level, this restaurant offers a 360° view of the underwater world whilst you dine. Simply divine!

6. Night fishing and dolphin watching


Image: telegraph

A popular past time for the locals with many opportunities to be rewarded with a catch. Guests can go out in a dhoni and let down hooked lines over the reefs.

Watching dolphins over sunset is also a very popular activity in the Maldives. Although you are not always guaranteed a sighting, they are surprisingly frequent and definitely a thrilling experience.

7. Sea plane tours


A super fun way to see all of Maldives stunning islands, clear lagoons and gorgeous reefs is through a sea plane, which is a cross between a plane and a helicopter. Gain an unparalleled view of the Maldives from sky high.







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