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Top 7 Regions in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country of many charms; from the vineyards on the hill in the South-East region, to the sweeping valleys of Koroška, the peaks of the Alps in Gorenjska, the caves of the Coast region and central Slovenia with its historic castles and museums, there is a plethora of adventures to embark on to suit all tastes. Slovenia is a country of outdoors activities such as hiking or cycling that will blend seamlessly with the indoors events, such as wine tasting, browsing the breath-taking, intricate art or relaxing in a thermal spa. So what are we waiting for? Let’s explore the stunning Slovenia!

The Gorenjska region

If outdoor sports, historical old towns, castles, culture and poetry sounds like your idea of bliss, visit the Gorenjska region. Summertime in Kranjska Gora promises fishing, horse riding, hiking and climbing while winter reveals a skiing paradise or tobogganing under the night sky. Visit Bled and its statute castle nestled into the side of a hill, indulge in hot springs and the warmer climate, cultural sights and of course, the beautiful lake. In the heart of the region is Kranj; lovingly crafted by architect Jože Plečnik, his influence on the Prešeren Theatre and Khislstein Castle buildings of the old town centre is a sight that must be seen and is simply wonderful to behold. Take the cultural heritage walk in Zirovnica and visit the birthplace of Slovenia’s beloved poet, France Prešeren.

The Coast and the Karst region

Decorated with olive groves and vineyards, the Coast and the Karst region is home to an underground labyrinth network of caves and sinkholes just waiting to be discovered. Perhaps the Sečovlje saltworks will be of interest to you; home to 150 species of bird, this area is a sanctuary and one of the most amazing places to sight birds – just bring your binoculars! Get your medieval hat on as you venture through 13 century Piran and marvel upon the historic buildings and take part in the local entertainment. Don’t forget to visit the UNESCO world heritage site of the Škocjan Caves, or Postojna Cave - the only cave in the world that offers a unique and adventurous ride with a special train, or sample the outstanding wine in this region.

Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia

Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016. Situated underneath the shadow of Ljubljana Castle, the capital city is home to theatres and museums, as well as international festivals such as the Ljubljana Summer Festival and the renowned Ljubljana Jazz Festival. With many shopping opportunities and boat rides on the Ljubljanica River, you are sure to enjoy every moment in this city. Visit the Botanical Garden or take a walk through Tivoli Park. Visit the scenic Velika Planina high mountain plateau, with its walking trail or Pekel Gorge with the white water rapids and waterfalls, or the old monastery of Bistra, the home of the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

The Podravska region

The Podravska region is a diverse cultural centre, boasting theatres, museums and an opera house. The Mariborsko Pohorje ski area is a favourite for skiers of all abilities. Higher up in this mountainous region is Areh with its baroque style church that can only be reached by stairlift. As a popular tourist destination, you will find a number of modern activities such as the Terme Maribor spa or the summer festival in the Lent district. Take a road trip through the Haloze Hills and Slovenske Gorice, where you will find 50 kilometres of wine routes.

South-East Slovenia

The South-East region boasts rivers, castles and much more. In Ribnica, famous for its Dolenksja woodenware, you will find the Ribnica Castle, of which doubles up as a museum showcasing the local cultural traditions. Walk through acres of green forest in Kočevje, hike one of the many trails, visit the Ice Cave and finish off by taking a few moments to relax by the lake. In Kostel you will find numerous water sports, seven churches and picturesque watermills. In Novo Mesto, the town built on seven hills, wander through the valley of dry riverbeds and swallow holes. For the history enthusiasts, Rosalnice has three gothic pilgrimage churches surviving from the 14 century, while the village of Rožanec boasts a temple of the sun God Mithra that has been there since Roman times.


Rural Koroška has a number of small towns and high rise farms, as well as mountain areas and forests that have been left untouched by human hands. Take a road trip through the peaks of Peca and Raduha, or Uršlja Gora and the Alpine valleys. Most of these peaks have impressive trails that will give you some breath-taking views. Pohorje is also a hot ski destination in the winter and during other seasons the vast spreads of forest can be explored. Javnik is situated in part of the Drava Valley; visit the timber rafting museum and learn about how the timber used to be transported down the river. The medieval gem that is Slovenj Gradec is known as a ‘peace messenger city’ and here you will find the Gallery of Fine Arts and the Regional Museum.


Pomurska is every bit the thermal health resort region; choose from Radenci Health Resort and its very own mineral water, Terme 3000 and its water attractions or the Lendava Thermal Spa that has views over the hills of Lendavske Gorice. Besides the relaxing resorts, the perfect activity to accompany a spa visit would be a visit to a cellar to taste the Zlata Radgonska Penina, a mouth-watering sparkling wine. Ljutomer has great equestrian activities to indulge in, while Murska Sobota has the renaissance castle that cannot be missed – it sits in the shelter of two-hundred-year-old trees! The towns and villages along the Mura River can be explored in one long journey by cycling or hiking.

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