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Top Rainforests That You Should Visit

Rainforests are natural theme parks packed full with plants and animals instead of rides. Trekking through rainforests has become a new adventure for nature lovers, wanting to experience the jungle. We have selected the TOP 5 parks that you should visit for the full wilderness experience.

1. Oldest rainforest

For a bit of history, head to the 460 square-mile rainforest of Khao Sok National Park in Thailand which is said to be 160 million years old. Trekking through this national park you can feast your eyes upon many floras such as figs, bananas, coconut palm trees, and an abundance of wildlife like the cloud leopards, deer, and birds.

2. Temperate rainforest

Located in the Pacific Northwest close to Seattle in Washington, is the Olympic National Park, which is home to a temperate rainforest. This park features a vast forest characterized by coniferous trees and a fast-growing moss in this ever-damp weather. It also is home to bear, elks, deer and the northern spotted owl.

3. Rainforest for the adventure lovers

Malaysian Borneo’s Danum Valley is home to many unusual plants and animals. The plants and gigantic rafflesia flowers provide a truly exotic, primeval feel. You will also get to witness flying squirrels, gibbons, Asian elephants and rare jungle rhinos. Definitely one for those who love adventures, as well as seeing strange plants and animals.

4.  A very wild place

Image: thesuburbandiary

Panama’s Darien National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Central America. This national park contains unique mammal species, including 5 endemic avian species, and has a myriad of habitats, ranging from rocky coastlines to sandy beaches to mangroves.

5. Abundance of wildlife

One of the most exciting eco-tourism destinations is in the lowlands of Peru. The Manu Wilderness is home to more plants and animals than any other natural areas on earth. The hundreds and thousands of mammals and plants populating this wilderness are the main reason as to why many visit this park.



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