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Top 7 Sites Around Israel

Breathtaking beauty of natural features, and most revered sacred sites in the world – Israel has something for everyone. Start your journey now, and experience Israel beyond belief!

Tel Aviv

The Bauhaus centre is Tel Aviv’s “White City”. It is a breathtaking UNESCO world heritage site. It has been reclaimed because of its unique collection of Bauhaus architecture. This vibrant city of Tel Aviv is renowned for its cuisine and restaurants, whatever you fancy Tel Aviv will have it! Whether you want authentic street food, fine dining or a modern and unique food experience this is the place to be!


‘The City of Gold’ - Jerusalem, is a wonder you have to see with your own eyes to believe and understand the pure exclusivity of this ancient phenomenon. Whether you will be walking around the authentic souk (market) or indulging in ancient history, you’ll be immersed in a story and a culture every time you turn a corner. ‘The City of Gold’ as Jerusalem is often known as for its monumental gold bricks that make up every building in this enchanted city.

Dead Sea

It is called the Dead Sea because its salinity prevents the existence of any life forms in the lake. That same salt, helps many visitors to enjoy its healing properties. The sea bed also has deposits of black mud that is easy to spread on the body and provides the skin with nourishing minerals. As if that were not enough, the bromide in the air is also beneficial to the our central nervous system, thus making the Dead Sea a provider for good health and healing for visitors from all over the world.


The chilling story and the archaeological remains contribute to the special atmosphere of the site and preserve its magnificent past. Masada is high, and if you like a challenge it can be ascended on foot by the winding "snake path" or for the scenic route you can go by a cable car that runs from the tourist centre at the foot of Masada to the top. The tourist centre itself features a movie about the story of Masada so you have a background, a model of the site to get you familiar with your surroundings and an exhibit of the archaeological findings.


One of Eilat’s best selling points is the weather. Sunshine is ever present, with at least 8 hours of it during the winter and up to 14 in the summer. The Bay of Eilat, on the Red Sea, is one of the major attractions, thanks to beautiful beaches, the developed water sports and some of the best diving spots in the world. In the south of the city is the Coral Reserve, with splendid tropical fish that paint the reefs with amazing colours.  


The Galilee is Israel’s green belt that has a vast array of natural beauty, from the lush green forests to the glimmering sea coast, its majestic mountains to its fertile valleys. There are many cities and sites of interest dotted around the Galilee: Nazareth – where Jesus spent his formative years; Tzfat (or Safed) – home of Kabbalah; Rosh Pina – a beautiful artists colony… just to name a few.

Food Markets

For a genuine Middle Eastern experience, you can’t beat a visit to one of Israel’s many markets (Shuks). The different colours, smells, and tastes can be a highlight of any Israel visit.


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