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Top 6 Beer Cities. I’ll drink to that!

Beer has been in production for the last 7000 years and is more popular than ever. If you enjoy travelling, drinking and having fun then the following locations are tailored just for you. Cheers!


1. Munich, Germany

Beer lovers the world over have a soft spot for Munich because of one thing – Oktoberfest! This is a 16-day festival where travellers can sample tonnes of beer varieties as well as classic Bavarian dishes, like bratwursts and pretzels. The festival attracts over 6 million people who consume over 7 million litres of the good stuff. In addition to Oktoberfest, Munich has many beer gardens and brewery tours all year round – we recommend the Paulaner and Erdinger tours. 

2. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is home to one of the most loved beers of all time – Guinness. The Guinness brewery or Storehouse is the most visited place in Ireland. Tours are run here, taking you deep inside the Storehouse to show you how the beer barrels are transported and we guarantee you will leave a well-informed Guinness expert! Don’t forget your free pint and be sure to try other local stouts and foods for a sure-fire experience. 

3. Montreal, Canada

The city offers an extensive range of Canadian brews likes ales, bocks and lagers. You can also learn about what you’re drinking, with many events, seminars and workshops about the brewing process. Make sure you check out Le Cheval Blanc, one of the city’s first breweries for a true taste of history. 

4. Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech are the fathers of the Pilsner, a pale lager created in the town of Pilsen, close to Prague. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery gives visitors the unique opportunity to taste a cask-conditioned, non-pasteurised beer identical to what was drunk in the 1800s. Prague also hosts its own Czech Beer Festival, which lasts for 17 days. 

5. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium has been brewing beer since the 11th Century, both in the heart of the city and in the countryside monasteries. The City of Brussels is home to the Cantillon Brewery – which has been producing beer in it’s own traditional way since 1900. Visitors can sit in on brewing sessions and taste what has given the Cantillon Brewery its strong reputation. In addition to perfect beer, this city is home to some of the world’s finest chocolate – what a way to kill two birds with one stone!

6. Denver, USA

Whilst in Denver you must delve deep in to the “Napa Valley of Beer” and sample all of what the breweries and beer celebrations have on offer. Denver hosts October’s Great American Beer Festival, where many brewers compete for prizes in 84 different categories. A beer lover’s heaven! When you’ve seen all of what Denver has to offer – pop in to Colorado and have a tour of the Coors brewery, the largest in the world – producing 1.5 million gallons of our favourite drink every day!

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