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Top 5 foods in Brazil

Brazil is a melting pot of ethnicities and the food is as diverse as the population. There are several different kinds of food enjoyed by Brazilians and if you’re around – here’s what you should try.

1. Brigadeiro

A wonderfully sweet treat made from mixing cocoa powder, butter and condensed milk and is heated up. This kind of bon-bon is heavenly for any sweet tooth.

2. Pão de queijo

Also known as a cheese bun, this breakfast snack is made of out cassava or corn flour and cheese. The bun is distinctive because it is chewy and moist inside – and is best served with a strong cup of coffee.

3. Churrasco

One of the main courses in Brazil – Churrasco refers to grilled meat and is the widely known term for a barbeque. The meat on offer includes beef, chicken and pork.

4. Moqueca

A tried and tested recipe, moqueca is a delicious seafood stew. It utilizes a variety of ingredients like tomato, coriander, spices and coconut milk. The seafood component can range from sword fish to delectable prawns. A tasty and flavourful dish for a night out.

5. Feijoada

A hearty stew made with a variety of meats and beans. Feijoada is usually prepared with pork trimmings, beef and the addition of black beans. The end result is a salty and somewhat spicy stew.



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