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Stonehenge Winter Solstice Celebrations

Stonehenge, the iconic and ancient stone circle known the world over, is a magnet for thousands of people at this time of year who come to mark the Winter Solstice on the 21st December.

Visitors flock from around the globe to Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire to watch the sun rise over the pre-historic stones at dawn.

This year is a special one as a brand new visitor centre has just been built, which includes exhibition space, a new shop and even a cafe to enhance visitors experience here. It has been completed in time for the 21st, which is the most important day in the calendar for Stonehenge.

So what is Stonehenge? The purpose of the stone circle is still debated today, many think it was a burial ground and had religious significance for the ancient people who built it. We do know that it is over 5000 years old and was constructed in stages.

It is now a UNESCO World heritage Site and is an incredibly significant pre-historic monument, so make sure you go and experience it for yourself.

For more information please go to www.english-heritage.org.uk and don't forget to post your photos on the destination pages for everyone to see.

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