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Spectacular cities at night

Cities are picturesque places at the best of times but without a doubt night time is when cities well and truly come alive. Check out our images of cities at night.

1. Montreal

This French-speaking city is a hub for commerce and finance and has also been called "Canada's Cultural Capital".

2. Paris

Paris, the city of love, is magical in the day and at night. The Eiffel Tower is always lit in the evening and can be seen from miles around

3. Melbourne

This brightly lit city is Australia's leading financial centre and has been ranked the world's most liveable city since 2011 by the Economic Intelligence Unit.

4. Manhattan

An iconic skyline if ever there was one. Manhattan is the most densely populated borough in New York City, with an estimated population of 1,626,159.

5. London

The London skyline is one of the most recognisable on the planet, with new buildings frequently being added to it.

6. Malaysia

Malaysia's magnificent highrise buildings are simply unlike any other - evening is when this city truly comes alive.

7. Kobe

Kobe's sparkling skyline is perhaps one of the most photogenic anywhere in the world.

8. Chicago

Chicago is an international hub for finance and commerce, as well as transportation, industry, telecommunications and technology. All of which help to make this city a thriving, buzzing one.

9. Buenos Aires

Argentina's capital city and the self-styled Paris of South America is dazzling after dark. Tango the night away in this culturally rich city.

10. Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand has thrived as a direct result of the Asian investment in the 80s and 90s, which led to many multinationals relocating their regional headquarters to this busy metropolis.


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