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Singles unite. The best cities to meet someone

For every couple blissfully in love, there is always someone who has yet to be struck by cupid's bow. In light of this, here we 7 of the best cities to meet someone in (fingers crossed!)

1. New York, USA

Dubbed the city that never sleeps, according to data compiled by match.com, one of the best place to meet someone state-side is NYC where 50% of people are unmarried. There is a buzzing party scene here, with bars, clubs and great restaurants - believe it or not the best place to meet is not a bar but is in fact a coffee shop or the park! The stats don't lie.

2. Sydney, Australia

This city is a superb place to be social - it's friendly, lively and full of young singles from Australia and internationally, enjoying working and living here. An interesting event known as a dating safari has sprung up here, where friends visit different bars and meet new people on the way. if this isn't your sceen try a sporting club, rock climbing,  sailing, scuba diving or ocean swimming club - Sydney has plenty to offer everyone.

3. Paris, France

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is also a great city for walking. All walks begin and end at iconic Paris locations, which allow you to both sightsee and meet new people. In addition to that, there are a few well known Paris locations which have a great reputation for being prime spots for meeting other singles, such as Café Flore and Lo Sushi.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Literally translated to mean 'fair winds', Buenos Aires is truly one of the best places in the world to both live and love. With a mix of European flair complete with traditional Latin cuisine and nightlife bursting with personality, it is odds on that you will meet someone in the ‘Paris of South America’.

5.) Florence, Italy

Florence has a famous reputation as a city of love, hosting romantic writers in the 18 and 19 Century. With various events taking place in and around the city, such as tango nights and bike riding, complete with wine tasting (not at the same time thankfully) there are many opportunities to meet someone here.

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