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Roving around dazzling Dubai

Travellers to Dubai are looking to find the beauty in this desert metropolis and experience the local culture on offer. Feel the pulse of Dubai and explore beyond the typical sights…

To get in tune with the heartbeat of this incredible city, here are Rove Hotels’ suggestions on the best to see and do while in Dubai.

Secret Alleyways

Dubai is steeped in an exotic history, and exploring through its secret alleyways, souks and districts is one way to really discover more about this mystical place.

A visit to the Al Fahidi District will reveal a historical neighbourhood that dates back to the early 1900s. This is one of the oldest heritage sites in the city and is a maze of twisting alleys, traditional wind towers, and hidden courtyards.

If you’re on the lookout for the riches that the legends and myths talk of, then head to the spice, gold and perfume souks. Breathe in the fragrance of rich spices, behold the glitter of gold and jewels or indulge in a heady journey of aroma to complete a day out hunting for souvenirs to bring home.

To develop your understanding of Dubai’s history as a trading port, plan a visit to Dubai Creek, the original wharf where trade with the outside world began over a century ago. For just 1 Dirham ($0.30 approx.) hop on a traditional abra water taxi to experience the city from a different perspective as you glide past busy souks and historic houses.

Unusual explorations

Image credit: Dubai Tourism Authority

There’s so much more to do in Dubai than just go shopping. Discover the contemporary side of the city through its galleries, visual arts displays, adrenaline activities and ride the dunes!

Venturing into the lesser-known arts hub of Alserkal Avenue is a treat for travellers. This foremost arts district in the UAE is brimming with galleries and is also home to the Salsali Private Museum, a collection of the finest contemporary art you’ll find in the city. The district is constantly expanding, and will soon be home to a portfolio featuring architects, modern media, designers, and fashionistas.

After you’ve satisfied your cultural yearnings, push your boundaries for a thrill at the Bungee Jump at Dubai Gravity Zone. As you’re lifted skywards, take in the aerial views of the city before plunging headfirst into an airborne experience.

Heading to the city’s limits to play in the dunes is also sure to get your heart racing. Switch between skiing on the dunes or ramping over their ripples on quad bikes. Then head back to the water’s edge to kitesurf, or even experience what it’s like to float above the water on a flyboard. If you’re still in need of an adrenaline fix, then take to the skies for a skydiving experience!

A foodie’s heaven

Image credit: Dubai Tourism Authority

Whether you’re looking for a taste of traditional Dubai, or something a little more modern, you absolutely have to try the different range of foodie fare in Dubai.

A camel burger is a twist on the traditional fast food dish and distinctly a UAE specialty that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Prepared to perfection, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal and have a story to take back home.

Also not to be missed is the cultural immersion of a traditional Emirati breakfast or lunch at Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Gain insights into the culture and customs of Dubai from your host while snacking on traditional food.

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve checked the traditional meals of the UAE off your list, it’s time to check out what’s happening in the contemporary foodie scene of Dubai. Chillout Dubai will be a welcome respite from the desert heat with its subzero temperatures in the UAE’s first ice lounge.

Trendy eateries and stores can be found at the new Boxpark, an urban district made entirely from shipping containers. This is the young, unpretentious Dubai that travellers can associate with easily!

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