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Notting Hill Carnival: Sound, Colour and Solidarity

This weekend, thousands will hit the streets in celebration of one of the UK’s greatest events – Notting Hill Carnival.

The festivities will begin from 9am on Sunday and Monday, with both days coming to a close around 7pm. Sunday is intended to a be a better family occasion and is labelled Children’s day – there will be a wide range of activities specifically tailored to kids, whereas Monday is more geared towards the over 18’s. Exotic dancers, pulsating music and delicious Caribbean foods are all on offer on London’s Streets, heightening the thrill and party atmosphere of this fantastic occasion. 

  1. Avoid taking expensive items with you. The streets of Notting Hill will be full of carnival goers, minimise the risk of losing your valuables or having them pickpocketed.
  2. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. This is incredibly vital, especially if the Sun makes an appearance.
  3. Do not walk against the flow of the crowd – you will not get very far and may be hurt along the way.
  4. If you are attending with children, we strongly recommend attending on the Sunday.
  5. It is easy to get lost when in a group – arrange a meeting point so you can easily find your friends or family if you’re lost.
  6. Go early to avoid the crowds and wear comfortable shoes – despite the current fashion we advise against wearing heels!

Notting Hill Carnival marks the triumph of justice over slavery, and has been instrumental in uniting diverse communities from all over the world. It is a spectacular occasion that can be enjoyed by anyone. So get down there and party the weekend away! 

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