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Mauritius Off The Beaten Track

If you think that Mauritius is only about beaches, sea and sun, then you have it all wrong. The island has so much more in store. Get ready for a unique vacation experience where you will able to add new meaning to outdoor activities, eating or culture.


Trekking & Hiking

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Take the roads less travelled. Hiking and trekking are the best ways to discover Le Pouce Mountain and its breathtaking view of Port Louis, Le Morne, UNESCO World Heritage Site or Black River Gorges’ ecosystem. The most daring can also choose canyoning, an adventure sport gaining momentum in Mauritius.


Under the Sea 

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You can trust Mauritians when it comes to bringing you sensational activities. Submarine or undersea walks are a regular feature that most tourists enjoy, whether they are in resorts or in bungalows. Explore the depths of Mauritian waters, coral reefs and shipwrecks in a fun and unique submarine or walk undersea. Take a deep breath and get ready for one of the best walks of your life.


Cultural Outings 

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Take an off-the-beaten-track tour on foot in the city center or a bicycle tour of a former sugar estate to learn about the essence of Mauritian hospitality and way of living. The island is known for its multicultural population and history. Mauritians’ ancestors come from Africa, China, Europe, India… so many traditions and cultures which co-exist peacefully. The island is often cited, around the world, as a model of harmony amongst cultures.


Heritage Regattas 

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Heritage Regattas are exciting and colorful monthly events giving you an insight into vintage Mauritius. Long before speed boats and luxury yachts, Mauritian pirogues were popular for marine outings or fishing. The Heritage Regattas will bring you back in time. Colorful sails with folkloric names attract regularly Mauritians of all generations. A popular event for a whiff of nostalgia.


Mauritius from the Sky 

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Did we mention that Mauritius adds new meaning to outdoor activities? This is it. Flying over the clouds is a trip that you will always remember. Beautiful and breathtaking views to treasure all life long. Adrenaline hunters will not miss this unique opportunity to admire the island’s beauty from the air, either by sky diving, flying over in an X-air amphibian seaplane or parasailing. Helicopter passenger transfer or sightseeing tours are also available for a bird’s eye view of the island.


Horse Racing 

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If you really want to feel Mauritius’ heart beating, spend a day at the Champ de Mars, the 2nd oldest race course in the world and oldest in the Southern Hemisphere, is a fun experience of another popular Mauritian pastime and a must for betting enthusiasts! The horse racing season is an enjoyable period where families gather in Port-Louis, to bet a few rupees but mostly to see beautiful racers and enjoy the thrill of winning a few bets. You’ll be able to have a glimpse of our diversity. Visitors can also enjoy the elegant facilities of the Club where, as per tradition, men wear elegant suits and women their best dress and hats.


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