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Magnificent Egypt in pictures

With so much fascinating and astonishing history, Egypt is the ultimate destination for those who love delving into the past and exploring ancient civilisations. These are some of the sights you must visit.

1. Temple of Karnak, Luxor

Awe-inspiring, even today, this vast temple complex is one of the most impressive ancient sites in Egypt. It is the largest religious building ever to be constructed and there was once a grand avenue of sphinxes which ran from Karnak to Luxor temple, some of which still stand.

2. Temple of Luxor

This magnificent temple is 4,000 years old and was constructed by two of the most well known Egyptian pharaohs - Amenhopis III and Ramesses II. It is dedicated to Amun, the 'king of the gods'. One of the two great obelisks at the entrance is now in Paris.

3. Valley of the Kings, near Luxor

Probably one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world is the Valley of the Kings, where from 16th to 11th Century BC, lavish underground tombs and chambers were built and decorated for the pharaohs and nobles of the time. The best known royal tomb is Tutankhamun's - the only one which had not been found and robbed of its treasures.

4. Treasures of Tutankhamun, Cairo

In 1922 the discovery of the intact tomb of Tutankhamun become the most spectacular archeological find in the world. The small tomb contained hundreds of treasures, many covered in gold, including the iconic burial mask (pictured), which is now in Cairo Museum.

5. Pyramids of Giza, Cairo

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one that is still intact, the remarkable Pyramids of Giza were built as tombs for the pharaohs. There are three in total and when built they would have been a mesmerising sight, covered in white limestone.

6. Temple of Abu Simbel, Aswan

Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the two magnificent rock temples in the south of Egypt were built during the reign of King Ramesses II as a monument to himself and his wife Queen Nefertari. The entire complex had to be relocated to higher ground when the Aswan High Dam was built in 1968 to avoid them being submerged forever.

7. Temple of Horus, Edfu

Dedicated to the falcon god Horus, this is the second best biggest temple after Karnak and is located on the West bank of the Nile, upper Egypt. The Temple of Horus is considered to have the most intact structures of any other ancient Egyptian temple. 

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