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Lost treasures of the world

There are many tales of hidden hauls of gold and silver lost forever at sea or secretly smuggled away. The fact is that many of these stories are true! We have gone on our own search and come up with the top lost treasures that have never been found.

1. The Amber Room, Russia

Often known as the eighth wonder of the world, it is one of the most desired lost treasures ever. A beautiful chamber adorned with amber panels, gold leaf and mirrors was once created back in the 18th Century inside Catherine Palace near St Petersburg, Russia for the first King of Prussia, Friedrich I. It was taken by the Nazis during World War II and during the turmoil of this time it disappeared forever. In 2003 it was recreated but the original chamber has never been recovered.

2. Lost Kruger Millions, South Africa

The mystery of the ‘missing Kruger millions’ as it has become known goes back to the second Anglo-Boer War, between the South African Boers ad the British. Realising Pretoria would soon be captured, the Boers fled with as much of their gold as possible. The president Paul Kruger left for France in October 1900 and he is thought to have left much of the gold in the wilderness of what was North Eastern Transvaal. It has never been found.

3. Treasure of the Flor De La Mar, Coast of Sumatra

Long ago in the 16 Century, the cargo ship Flor De La Mar (Flower of the Sea) set sail was carrying huge amounts of treasure taken from Malacca (now part of Malaysia), after it was captured. Unfortunately, the ship sunk before it reached its destination, Portugal. It was shipwrecked off the coast of Sumatra and the treasure was lost. The exact whereabouts of one of the biggest treasure troves ever, has never been pinpointed.


4. Lost Faberge Eggs, Russia

Russian jewelers, Peter Carl Fabergé (also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé) and his brother Agathon became quickly famous for their beautiful craftsmanship. So much so that the Tsar Alexander III commissioned them to make a gold ‘Hen Egg’ to give to his wife, Empress Maria. Fabergé was made ‘Goldsmith by Special Appointment to the Imperial Crown’ and in the course of 33 years made 52 exquisite and expensive eggs for the royals. When the Russian Revolution happened in 1917, Fabergé fled Russia and the eggs became property of the Kremlin. Mysteriously eight of the 52 tremendously valuable eggs have disappeared never to be found again.

5. Treasure of the Knights Templar, France 

Much popularised in recent fictional books and films, the Knights were a religious and military order set up to protect Christians on their pilgrimage to the holy land back in the 12 Century. They became incredibly wealthy over the next few hundred years, with a vast fortune of land, property, gold, silver and jewels. Unfortunately, they gradually fell out of favour with the Pope. In 1307 the Pope, Philip VI, arrested the heads of the order and seized their belongings. In that time many of the Knights disappeared with the majority of their wealth. They fled overseas, some think to Scotland and finally to Nova Scotia, Canada. No-one has ever found the templars incredible fortune.



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