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London Mela – South Asia in the UK

1st September – Its the London Mela. The word Mela comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, meaning ‘to meet' and have been celebrated in South Asia for centuries. Melas are full of music, bazaar like shops, delicious food and traditional folk dances and shows. They are very much like artistic fairs or festivals.

The London Mela is put on by Ealing Council and attracted thousands of people to its venue, Gunnersbury Park. It successfully integrates the culture of South Asia with Britain today – a lot of the attendees are families of those who moved to the UK from South Asia not too long ago. The festival has been a great way in which diverse communities from all around the world have been able to sample some of Asia’s culture, right in the heart of London. This year the Mela boasts a line-up of tremendous British-Asian talent including AS Kang, Bally Sagoo and many more! 

The first London Mela took place in 2003 and attracted over 60,00 people, which then increased by 50% the following year. Now roughly 100,000 people hit the grass of Gunnersbury Park to celebrate this fantastic occasion. The event is also a great way to showcase emerging British-Asian talents, including dancers, musicians, comedians and many more. Its a fun filled weekend for all the family to sample what London really has to offer. 

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