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La Tomatina Festival – Tomato Carnage!

28th August - It is La Tomatina Festival in the small town of Buñol, near Valencia, Spain. This is a massive tomato fight on the streets and has been a tradition of this town since 1945.

No one is sure how this festival began, however there are many different theories. The most popular is that there was a tomato attack on Buñol’s councilmen by angry townspeople during a street festival. It is said that the town of Buñol had so much fun in the original attack that they returned the following year to do the same. This then became a tradition and the local people returned year on year to have an annual tomato fight. Thus La Tomatina was born.

At 11am, trucks carrying masses of tomatoes tip them in Plaza del Pueblo, the centre of the town. The fight begins as a mass of water is fired in from nearby cannons – those taking part in the festival then become fully enthralled in the carnage. We recommend wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes and clothes you probably never want to see again to avoid getting stains on your designer garments.

The crowd at La Tomatina are very partial to ripping clothes despite this being against the rules – so once again leave your best at home. Authorities patrol the streets from afar to make sure nothing gets out of hand, so the majority of the time your in safe hands! 

After an hour of strong pelting and tomato warfare, the water cannons fire once again to signal the end of the fight. Authorities then use fire trucks to spray down the streets and local residents often help hose down those people who took part – but don’t always count on it.

This year the event is proving to be more in demand than ever – due to safety concerns and overcrowding, the town of Buñol has decided to use a ticketing systems. Tickets are relatively cheaply available for €10 and authorities have made it very clear that no ticket means no entry!

So what do you say? Are you ready for the challenge? La Tomatina Tours give visitors an exclusive tour around the area as well as access to the official after party, so find out more here http://www.latomatinatours.com.

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