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Head off to Barbados- top attractions

If perfectly formed seascapes, landscapes and the beating sun sounds like the perfect way to relax, then listen closely; renowned worldwide as the ultimate holiday destination, Barbados is a sovereign island situated in the Lesser Antilles. Its stunning beaches, historic architecture and buzzing nightlife attract millions of tourists from around the world who wish to experience the tropical holiday of a lifetime.

Here you will find a range of top attractions that simply cannot be missed, should you find yourself booking a ticket to beautiful Barbados.

1. Kensington Oval

For the budding sports fans among us, in the capital city of Bridgetown stands the oldest stadium in Barbados- Kensington Oval stadium. Take a tour and see why the Cricket World Cup was held there in 2007.

2. Animal Flower Cave

Located at the most northern part of Barbados in the parish of St. Lucy, the hidden treasure that is the Animal Flower Cave got its name from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave. The walls of this stunning cave are decorated with an array of naturally formed colours due to degradation of the rock.

3. Miami Beach

Near the town of Oistins lies the famous Miami Beach and its vast expanses of golden sand and sky-blue sea. Diversity defines this gem of the beach – to the west of the beach lies calmer waters, whereby you can enjoy the serenity of the water or sunbathe quietly. You can rent a boogie board and surf the waves on the other side and once you have worn yourself out, be sure to visit the well- known food truck, Mr Delicious and revitalise yourself with some great tasting food.

4. Folkestone Marine Park & Museum

One mile north of Holetown lays a most intriguing attraction- Folkestone Marine Park and Museum. The marine park boasts an underwater park, where you can take a boat and go diving, snorkelling amongst the reef or browse amongst the exhibits, whereas the museum has some great marine displays and exhibits of the island’s fishing industry. What better way is there to experience the island, than to swim amongst the sea life that surrounds the sovereign island itself?

5. Gun Hill Signal Station

If you would like to see panoramic views of the island, then Gun Hill Signal Station is the place to go. Built in 1818, the station originally communicated with other stations when a ship was seen to be approaching Barbados or to warn of slave rebellions. When Gun Hill was restored it was transformed into a museum for historical military items.

6. St. Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey is truly a jaw-dropping example of the history that Barbados has to offer – built in 1658, it is one of the last 3 genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western hemisphere. Upon taking the tour through the mansion, you will come across many fine antiques such as the Chinese Chippendale staircase. At the end of the tour, you will view a film from the 1930s of life on the sugar plantation. There is more – whilst walking through the grounds that are laden with mahogany and silk trees, why not take a visit to the steam mill and rum distillery, of which are fully operating? Lastly, make sure you visit the gift shop to purchase rum made in the distillery or other sugar products.


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