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Ghost Towns: How brave are you?

Do you believe in the supernatural? Well here’s a chance to put that to the test. Here are our top Ghost Towns that are guaranteed to put a chill down your spine!

1. Prypiat, Ukraine

Prypiat was a town built in the 1970s to house the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s workers and their families. By the 1980s, this town had a bustling population of 50,000 but in 1986 the plant’s reactor went out of control. As the plant exploded, everyone abandoned their homes and possessions in fear of the deadly radiation. Prypiat now seems to have paused in time, giving the area a very eerie feel!

2. Bodie, California

Bodie was developed in 1876 as a mining settlement. People rushed here as the mining industry grew - it even had its own Chinatown! Unfortunately, the town did not last as resources became scarce and a fire in 1932 burnt down most of its central hub. The town was vacated and became a State Historic Park in 1962. Today, visitors can walk to streets and see the remains left by the town’s inhabitants. It is now totally unpopulated, or is it?

3. San Zhi, Taiwan

Originally designed as a space-age pod village for wealthy holidaymakers, there were many construction fatalities when it was being built, leading to a halt in development. The project then ran out of funding. There are rumours here that the ghosts of the workers haunt the village and to add to the suspicion there dozens of stories recording bizarre sightings. Spooky!

4. Varosha, Cyprus

Varosha was once a buzzing seaside resort in the now Turkish occupied land of Famagusta, in Cyprus. In 1974 the Turks invaded this town and the residents fled. The town was left at a real standstill. Gates and red tape have since closed off the town and trees are now invading the desolate buildings. Photograph opportunities are only available from a far.

5. Kolmanskop, Namibia

In 1908, Kolmanskop was the place to be. The town grew wealthy due to the abundance of diamonds in the area, but after the First World War, diamond sales dropped and the town lost its stronghold. During the 1950s the entire town was abandoned and the desert sand swept back into the settlement. The town is now surrounded by conspiracy theories about ghosts roaming freely here. Why don’t you be the judge of that?


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