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Fascinating facts about Mauritius

Mauritius is known as a paradise island with its perfect beaches and azure blue waters but did you know these amazing things about this picturesque country?

1. Colourful food

Mauritius has a rich history and heritage and this is reflected in the amazing variety of food here. From French, Chinese, Indian and African cuisines - so make sure you try them all! The street food is a must.

2. Sweet lands

The island has many sugarcane plantations and this is one of the things you notice if you drive inland. They were first introduced by the Dutch and these days you can visit the museum L’Aventure Du Sucre with its very own sugarcane fields to explore. Oh and try the fresh sugarcane juice – pure sweetness!

3. Time for tea

There are tea plantations on the island so if you love tea , what better place to explore? You can take a guided tour through the Bois Cheri Tea Plantations. Afterwards, make sure you dine at the restaurant, which has awe-inspiring views across Mauritius. Don’t forget to try the many varieties of delicious teas on offer.

4. The Seven Coloured Earths

The seven different coloured sands of Chamarel is a unique natural wonder and only discovered back in the 1960s. The multi-coloured dunes were formed through volcanic activity but it is still a mystery to scientists why the coloured sands do not mix together. They constantly separate. Go see for yourself!

5. Land of the giants

The giant Aldabra tortoise is the biggest in the world - you can see these rare and amazing creatures in the flesh at top wildlife park, La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes in the south of the island. There are 1000 tortoises there and they weigh on average 250kg.

6. Isle aux Aigrettes (Egret Island)

The stunning and unspoilt island is a protected world heritage site with indigenous wildlife and rare plants. It is on the southeast coast of Mauritius and was given Nature Reserve status in 1965. The island is now managed by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (MWF) and guided tours are available. It’s definitely worth a visit.

7.  Shopping

Well who doesn’t love to shop when you are on holiday? Mauritius has been a duty free shopping hotspot since 2010 and this has encouraged many malls to spring up. Try the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis harbour for the best buys, with 170 boutiques to choose from. There is also an amazing central market nearby with delicious local specialties in the food hall.


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