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Fascinating facts about Japan

 Japan has a rich and ancient cultural heritage, fantastic food and is known for its cutting edge technology. As the Olympic host for 2020, Japan is now in the spotlight, so we thought we would put together some interesting facts about this nation.

1. They grow square watermelons in Japan so that they fit comfortably into a refrigerator. Nowadays the fascination with watermelons is so huge here that you can get heart shaped ones and even ones that look like other fruit.   


2. There are over 50,000 people over the age of 100 in Japan and 87% are women. 

3. Japan is called 'Nihon' or 'Nippon' in Japanese which means 'sun origin'. 

4. Japan’s national sport is sumo wrestling but US import baseball is also very popular here (both to play and watch).

5. Japan is made up of 6,852 islands and only 421 of them are inhabited.

6. Cat cafes are popular in Japan and Tokyo has at least 39. Most people live in apartments and aren’t allowed to keep pets so the cats offer people temporary companionship. 

7. In 2020 Japan will be the very first Asian city to play host to the summer Olympic Games twice.


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