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A Fairytale Valentine’s Day in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is not only the most beautiful city in Russia and its cultural center - it’s also an endless surprise. Every step here will bring you new delights and of course you won’t find a better place for your romantic weekend or your whole romantic life.

1. Bridges drawing

This unique attraction will become a nice present for your partner. In winter, it is not open every day so check the schedule. If you come to St Petersburg in the summer don’t miss your chance to take a boat in the evening and float through the channels and Neva River to see the bridges from the water. It’s breathtaking!

2. Potseluev Bridge

There’re lots of romantic bridges in Saint Petersburg and you surely should hug and kiss on each of them. However, the most special one is the Potseluev Bridge. Its name in Russian sounds like "Bridge of Kisses". Well, you know what to do. The longer your kiss is, the happier your life together will be.

3. Taurida Garden


Fresh air and beautiful nature go hand in hand – isn't it an ideal date? Cozy and elegant Taurida Garden with its ponds, bridges, paths and benches seems to be made for such romantic walks and for romantic talks, of course.

4. Cats in love

Elisey and Vasilisa never met each other in real life. They were much too busy saving people from the fire and rats. Now they have time for themselves walking the roofs together and watching the moon. Join them in their romantic nights at Malaya Sadovaya. You can also make a wish on this street – just find the fountain ball called “Cat’s eye”, turn your back to it and throw a coin in the ball.

5. Indian gods

Few know that a small, cozy yard behind the Kunstkamera keeps such a mystic secret. Come here with your sweetheart and you’ll find yourselves surrounded by Mesoamerican gods. They don’t tolerate lies. So if you really love each other this yard is the best place to tell the most meaningful words.

6. Saint Petersburg from up high

Here you will experience an incredible panoramic view of Saint Petersburg. This is the perfect decoration for an unforgettable date, or for a possible marriage proposal. Climb the winding staircase of 226 steps up to the Colonnade of St Isaac's Cathedral and kiss without taking a breath. Passing this test will show you that together you can achieve everything!

7. The Spit of Vasilievsky Island

This beautiful place is popular among the newlyweds. They smash wine-glasses and bottles of champagne at the huge granite balls for luck and long happy journey of the new family ship. They also ask for a favor to join them forever by pulling the ring mounted in the lion masks together.





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