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What are we having for dinner Alex?

Whenever people hear the word Egypt, the first thing that comes into their heads is usually the pyramids. Egypt's fame has always been centred around the pharaohs and the monuments and artefacts that they left behind.

Some people may also think of the famous Egyptian beaches by the Red Sea and in Sinai but you won’t hear many people speak about Alexandria, or as we locals call her, Alex.

Alexandria is Egypt’s second biggest metropolitan city, with more than 4.5 million people squeezed into it and is located in northern Egypt on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is best-known for its beaches but this article is a shout out to all food lovers in the world, as there are many fantastic places to eat in this enchanting city.

I’ll give you a quick guide through my favourite eating spots there and I will keep it focused on the local Alexandrian cuisine.

If you really want to know the best thing about Alexandrian cuisine, I have two words for you, liver and fish - well not in the same dish of course. As Alex is a coastal city, seafood is a must and the best place to try it is in the Abou Qeer area. You can find both cheap local restaurants and high-end, more expensive ones there. The quality of the food doesn’t vary much between the two, yet the recipes and the presentation of the food does.

As for the liver, you have to try the famous Alexandrian liver sandwiches, which you can find all over the place in many small shops and street carts. To be on the safe side, try to avoid the street carts and stick to well known shops like Wahba and Elfallah in downtown, or Seesa in Alibrahimia.

Now that you have stuffed yourself with all those local yummy dishes, you still need to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. I have two spots for you, the first is Alsaeedy in the Bahary area, with its locally made ice-cream, which have natural fresh fruits and juices in it. I really recommend the vanilla and the lemon flavours and make sure you take it in the small white cones not the regular ones we eat all the time.

The second spot is Al Shaikh Wafeek in the Ras Elteen area and there you can have many of the local sweet treats. This includes sweet couscous with powdered sugar and mixed nuts, rice pudding with ice cream and nuts, along with many other desserts that will be the best finale for your Alexandrian meal.

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