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Be Dazzled by Djemma El-Fna

Famed for its colourful streets, vibrant souks and mouth-watering cuisine, Marrakesh is an exciting, energetic metropolis combining old-world charm with a new-city vibe…and boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year too. Follow us on our adventures as we show you our holiday highlights and must-see hot-spots!  



Be dazzled by Djemma El-Fna

As the largest market in Marrakesh and lively heartbeat of the city, Djemma El Fna (pronounced ‘D-Jemma Elf-Nar’) has a myriad of street vendors and stalls at every turn. Try an assortment of traditional delicacies and freshly-cooked snacks as you navigate through the maze of stalls with the delicious waft of spices filling the air as you go…you’ll be amazed at the sights, sounds – and incredible smells awaiting you.


Have fun amongst the hustle and bustle of the market during the day as people haggle over buying and selling goods. Watch how traditional restaurants cook meat - by placing large clay pots within the ground (named ‘tandoors') and letting the meat cook until perfectly tender – and happily giving you a piece of already-cooked food to try. Alternately, simply sit back and watch the world go by with a sweet pastry and glass of mint tea, synonymous with Moroccan culture.


As the sun sets (and it becomes a little cooler in temperature), listen to the distinctive call prayer from a rooftop café, remembering to take a postcard-worthy picture as the sun sets. You’ll then see how the square transforms with an abundance of snake-charmers and street entertainers popping up ready to please the evening crowds as thousands descend turning it into the must-see social-scene of the city!


A great place to visit both day and night and must-do magical experience too. Easy to see why it’s voted a top tour site year after year!


What we ate: Our favourite dishes were the very popular French-influenced snail broth, traditional Moroccan brochette (kebab-style chicken and lamb) with grilled vegetables and Khobz (round, flat bread) followed by a tasty Arabic Mhancha (filo pastry baked in the form of a cake, filled and with almond paste) – and all for under €4 each. A great bargain and foodie-heaven!


Remember: there’s no need to haggle for food at the market as prices are already very low, though feel free to ask for a menu/prices first before you sit down (just as you would do at home).


Top tip: take plenty of loose change for the entertainers, you’ll need to reward them with a small amount of money if you want to take their pictures (and trust us – you do).


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