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Celebrity and dog lookalikes

Some of the most famous people on the planet have amazing dopplegangers from the canine world. So which one do you think is the best likeness?

1. Vladimir Putin

The president of Russia and this merle chihuahua share the same sad stare here.

2. Miley Cyrus

The young star's new punkish style is matched by this Chinese Crested pooch.

3. Cher

 Sleek hair, poised - yes this is definitely Cher in the dog world.


4. Snoop Lion

Once known as Snoop Dogg, this famous rapper and actor has a canine lookalike - just look at the matching braids and facial hair.


5. Daniel Craig

The striking blue eyes remind us of only one thing - Mr James Bond.

6. Owen Wilson

 The cheeky grin, the long blond locks, it is certainly the fun loving actor isn't it?


7. Celine Dion

If spaniels could sing this one would sound like the Canadain songstress. They certainly have the same determined look on their faces.

8. Paris Hilton

Blond, pretty, pouty and stylish - yes we think there is a likeness here.


9. Sarah Jessica Parker

Chic, sophisticated and with long flowing locks, the likeness is striking.

10. Taylor Lautner

The Twilight Saga actor, known for playing Jacob Black and indeed a werewolf, shares the cheeky expession of this happy doggy and the toothy grin.

Please let us know if you have seen some other great lookalikes of stars and dogs by commenting below. 

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