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Celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos commences this Friday, 1st November.

This famous festival is celebrated in Mexico in remembrance of those who have passed away. The festival will last for two days over the Friday and Saturday, and in most parts of Mexico will dominate the weekend. 

Most people who celebrate Day of the Dead will set up altars and offerings for the deceased including their photos, trinkets and best loved foods. They also clean their graves and many even attend graveyard ceremonies and tell stories about their loved ones in remembrance.

The day gives a chance for the living to be visited by the souls of the dead as it is believed that the deceased grace the presence of their loved ones. Families celebrate together and each Mexican community around the world will have their own way of celebrating; the most common being in the form of street parties and parades. The best known symbol of these celebrations is the skull, with sugar skulls given as gifts to both the living and the dead.

Other festivals around the world celebrating the Day of the Dead include Araw ng mga Patay in the Philippines and an annual Halloween festival in Salem, Massachusetts in the USA aptly called www.festivalofthedead.com 


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