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Brazil’s top 4 adventure destinations

Are you an adventure freak? If you cannot resist the temptation of exploring wild trails, snow-capped mountains or sandy beaches, then you must plan something special for your vacation. 

How about a tour of Brazil? It is a perfect place for those who love adventure and nature. Starting with world’s biggest rainforest, the Amazon, and including the spectacular Iguazu Falls and the mighty Amazon River, there are many extraordinary wonders found in this country. Here are the top adventure destinations you must explore.

1. Astonishing Amazon Rainforest

Are you getting goose-bumps just by spelling the word ‘Amazon’? Well wait until you get inside the real Amazon Rainforest. It offers the greatest wilderness on the Earth. Multiple wild species unfamiliar to science are discovered regularly and not just the insects or plants. In the year 2011, a WWF expedition identified the ‘titi monkey’ with a ginger beard and red tail, not known to humanity so far. Plus, an estimated forty indigenous tribes are living inside the Amazon Forest, who have never had any contact with the rest of the world.

Besides watching the wildlife from close proximity, the Amazon offers multiple activities to get involved with. Climbing the trees to have a panoramic view of the forest is an exciting option. Taking a boat ride is also a good way to explore the forest. A leisurely walk inside the jungle along with a proficient guide is truly a rewarding experience for you too. It proves that wildlife is prolific here.

2. Panoramic Pantanal

Your Brazil trip is incomplete without visiting the biggest wetland area in the world. It is called Pantanal, a flat landscape with gentle slopes as well as meandering rivers. It is even larger than France and is a haven for more than 700 bird species and more than 250 fish species. Wildlife viewing is one of the main attractions for tourists.

Are you passionate about hiking? Only sixty two kilometres from Cuiaba, Pantanal’s Chapada dos Guimaraes provides multiple hiking trails and offers wide vistas of the canyons below.

The southern part of Pantanal includes two beautiful spots in the rainforest. The first one is Bonito and the second one is Corumba. These places are ideal for diving and swimming. Divers can reach depths of over 180 feet in the clear water. Watch the turtles, frogs, colorful fish and tigers.

3. Idyllic Iguazu Falls

Fancy a true adventure in Brazil? Your ideal destination is Iguazu Falls. Located in the dense rainforest, this spectacular falls is one of the three major waterfalls of the world, along with Victoria as well as Niagara. It surpasses the other two in terms of beauty and enormity and was even enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1984.

A staggering 270 waterfalls cascade over the edge and drop eighty metres down to the bottom of Iguazu canyon. The beauty and splendor of this waterfall cannot be acknowledged from videos or images. You need to see it with your own eyes and feel the real joy. An adventure at the falls is not limited to those who go there on boats. Exclusive helicopter flights can really take your experience to the next level and travellers can enjoy rafting as well as canoe tours.

4. Eye-catching Rio de Janeiro

Discover the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most dynamic and lively cities in South America. From the spectacular Copacabana beaches to the majestic Christ the Redeemer statue, this city never disappoints. Visit Rio before Lent to watch the Rio Carnival extravaganza. Do you want more? Then try out some handgliding, which is a memory you won't forget.

Pack your bags and get ready for a thrilling holiday ahead. Brazil is waiting for you with open arms. 


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