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The Blue Eyes of Rila

Rila Mountains is the highest mountain range in Bulgaria and lies on the Balkan Peninsula. Greek historian, Tukidites, mentioned Rila as an amazing, uninhabited mountain. 

The Slavs transformed the Thracian word Roula into Rila, which means the mountain of water. Rila has 18 peaks, 12 of which are over 2700m high, including Mount Mussala (2925 m), the highest in South-east Europe.

Almost all of Rila’s 140 lakes are of glacial origin and are situated above the trees. The highest, at 2709 meters and appropriately named Ice Lake (Ledenoto), is in Eastern Rila. The Rila Mountain also boasts Bulgaria’s hottest mineral spring and its only geyser (103.8° C) in the town of Sapareva Banya.

A popular hiking destination is the group known as the Seven Rila Lakes, which are strung like a necklace, west of Malyovitsa peak.

Legend has it that a male giant and a female giant lived there. They were so in love that evil forces envied them and sent winds, storms and thunder to separate them. The man bravely defended his home and his beloved, but evil forces beat him and he died in battle. His wife wept long and inconsolably and her pearly tears formed seven magnificent lakes.

The Seven Rila Lakes are located at different altitudes (about 2100 – 2500 meters above sea level) and have different size and shape, hence their distinctive and memorable names: The Lower Lake, The Fish Lake, The Twins, The Three-Lobed Lake, The Kidney, The Eye, The Tear.

The area around the lakes is one of the most visited by tourists because many people are in awe of the energy surrounding the place and believe that the lakes have special powers.

1. The Lower Lake

The first lake is called The Big Break. It emits energy that empowers not only Bulgarians but every person on the planet to endure trials, hardships and sufferings.

2. The Fish Lake

This lake brings people together and leads them on the path of peace, agreement and compromise.

3. The Three-Lobed Lake

This lake provokes wisdom-inducing and awakening of consciousness. It is the third stage of spiritual growth of human beings.

4. The Twins

This lake has both an internal and external twin. It reflects the mental world of man and has a complex task – to export human initiatives in the universe and to bring new energies from three universes – the human, the spiritual and the divine.


5. The Kidney Lake

This lake has a slightly special purpose because the information and the energy it contains are endless. It reflects the casual world of man and is responsible for the construction of the casual body that is the most basic spiritual body of man.

6. The Eye Lake

The esoteric name of this lake stands for 'the divinity in one person'. That is why one single person should unite with another single person and both should be together in love. It is the lake for those who are awake and ready for love.

7. The Tear (Tear of Jesus) Lake

This lake reflects the divine world and contains information about three universes. It has the fundamental cosmic principles – love, wisdom and truth. The energy here has the most subtle vibrations. If people are prepared, they can feel the inner harmony and recognize the perfection.

This is a slightly different point of view about one of the most picturesque natural wonders in Bulgaria. Fans of travel guides will read that The Eye is the deepest and The Tear is the highest of all seven lakes. Whether you believe or not in power of nature it is definitely worth visiting the Seven Rila Lakes, as they will touch your heart and make your world more colourful and full of harmony and joy.

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