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Best places to drink coffee

If there is a drink that is universally popular then it’s got to be coffee. From Britain to Bangladesh, we’re all drinking the black stuff. With our love affair for coffee showing no sign of abating, We checked out the 10 best places to drink coffee.

1. New York

Home to fictional coffee chain Central Perk (fans of hit show Friends may recall it), if you need to catch your breath in the Big Apple, head to one of the many brilliant coffee shops dotted around the city, each with their own unique charm.

2. Seattle

Head back to where it all began, for Starbucks that is. Seattle is a hub for coffee lovers, with roasters who know their way round a coffee mug.

3. Paris

Muse about the trappings of life over a cup of coffee, while marvelling at one of the most fascinating and captivating cities in the world.

4. London

Big coffee chains mix in seamlessly with quirky independent coffee chains to give you choice beyond anything you ever imagined.

5. Melbourne

The coffee capital of Australia, it won't be long until Melbourne's unique coffee brewing techniques take over the world.

6. Rome

Italians are known to be crazy about their coffee, and nowhere typifies this more than Rome, a city packed with excellent coffee shops.

7. Singapore

A buzzing, thriving coffee scene unlike any other awaits you in Singapore.

8. Auckland

A close rival to Melbourne in terms of coffee quality in Australia, the craze for white coffee can be traced back this Australian city.

9. Vienna

Vienna is one place that has been internationally recognised for its coffee. The Viennese coffee house culture received the UNESCO tag of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011.

10. Istanbul

It might feel like you are stepping back in time when you enter a coffee shop in Istanbul but the coffee on offer will ensure that you will never want to leave.

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