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Best natural spas in the world

Spas are a great way to relax, forget your cares and get reinvigorated. If you need to escape, check out our list of 7 of the best natural spas in the world.

1. Les Thermes de Spa, Spa, Belgium


For the ultimate spa weekend, why not head to where it all began? This unassuming Belgian town rose to prominence in the 16th century when Henry VIII recommended the healing powers of the local waters. Since then, millions of people around the world have flocked to Spa in pursuit of the health-giving springs.

Visit Les Thermes de Spa, which has been beautifully modernised using the original 19th century thermal bath house and includes Spa's thermal spring therapies. Bliss! www.thermesdespa.com


2. Mövenpick Resort & Spa, Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea's healing properties are world famous and have drawn people here for thousands of years. The saline and mineral waters have many health benefits, from nourishing the skin to helping treat skin conditions. 

The 5 Star Mövenpick Resort & Spa in Jordan on the northern shores of the Dead Sea offers a luxury and tranquil spa experience including dead sea mud wraps and pamper treatments. www.moevenpick-hotels.com


3. Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest, Hungary

The 'City of Spas' enjoys an excellent reputation across Europe and beyond for its thermal and healing waters - there are 118 springs in Budapest, more than any other capital city. Its jewel in the crown is the Szechenyi thermal bath, Europe's biggest medicinal bath, where you can enjoy swimming in the hot pools and even drink the well water.


4. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland and it's easy to see why. The mineral-rich water at between 37 to 39 °C (98 to 102 °F) can help with a range of skin ailments and leave you with a relaxed sensation unlike any other. You'll leave Blue Lagoon feeling like a brand new person. www.bluelagoon.com


5. Beppu, Japan

When it comes to spa treatments, Japan stands out because of its many natural hot springs (known as Onsen). Beppu is one of the best known as the city is lucky enough to have eight different hot springs, more than any other resort in the country. Beppu stands out because of the wide range of baths available to choose from there, including sand, steam and mud baths.


6. Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, England


Image: Wiki Commons

Bath is famous for its Roman Baths, which date back to AD43 and when you've finished exploring this historical site, head to Thermae Bath Spa. Take a dip in the mineral rich waters, which is well known as being the only thermal spring in Britain.

It offers visitors a sublime open-air pool with breathtaking views of Bath. The thermal waters contain 42 minerals and you can choose from a range of relaxing and soothing treatments. www.thermaebathspa.com 

7. Therme Vals, Switzerland


Image: Wiki Commons

Arguably one of the trendiest spas in the world, the minimalist feel, mineral-rich water plus the chance to go night bathing (offered to guests who stay at the Therme Vals Hotel) make this a hugely attractive destination for those on the look out for a spa break. You can even listen to specially commissioned music from composer Fritz Hauser in the relaxation room. What more can you ask for? www.therme-vals.ch

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