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The Beauty of Vanilla Islands - Top Facts

Today, we introduce you to 'Les Îles Vanille', or Vanilla Islands - seven incredible islands that offer such a variety of activities and breath-taking spots. From the beautiful white sandy beaches to some of the best hiking places in the world, the highlights below will make you dream!


1. Comoros


Known as the scent island, it is a natural reserve for many perfume plants like the Ylang-Ylang, jasmine, combava and many more. Comoros is among the biggest producers and exporters of vanilla and clove in the world. Take the trip to Comoros and take in the essence and beauty of the island literally, Comoros probably smells amazing thanks to the plants.

2. Madagascar


Madagascar is full of wonders left, right and centre. In the East, take in the sweet smells of the spices, tropical fruits and beaches set in luxurious vegetation. In the West, slide into the serene waters of the Mozambique canal. The North is of the island is simply stunning with its mountain ranges. The South is crossed with the tropic of Capricorn with a vast area of semi desert and vegetation, whilst the centre of Madagascar is full of history.

3. Maldives


Take a dive into the warm seas of the Maldives. Thanks to the high visibility throughout the year and clear waters, you are bound to see an abundance of different types of fish as well as the marvellous formation of over 3,000 coral reefs. It will simply take your breath away!

4. Mauritius


Take a stroll to the magnificent beaches. There are over 160km of beaches in Mauritius, including a calm lagoon encircled by coral reefs. There is an abundance of water sports that you can try out, such as tandem sky dive, solar sea walk, swimming excursions and many more to pique your interest. It is no wonder that Mauritius is known as one of the top destinations in the world for honeymoons!

5. Mayotte


Visit Mayotte for an incredible cultural experience; with a blend of Arab, Indian, European, Malagasy and Eastern African origins, Mayotte is the cultural melting pot! Exploring the island will allow you to learn more about its incredible history and cultural legacy.

6. Reunion

There is a fantastic mix of cultures on the island, including Asian, African, Indian and Chinese. Saint-Paul is an interesting place to stop off, with a great street market full of enticing and exotic food (on Fridays and Saturdays). It is also an historical place as the island’s original capital, so look out for the traditional Creole houses (pictured).

The capital city Saint-Denis, located in the northern part of the island must be on your list as well and has beautiful mountains surrounding it. The Natural History Museum is definitely worth a visit along with the Léon Dierx Art Gallery, especially if you love impressionist art.

7. Seychelles


Head to Bird Island, the most northern island on Seychelles. The island is inhabited by a million seabirds, known as sooty terns, that lay their eggs to mark their territory. Here you can also find 'Esmeralda' - the heaviest land turtle in the world weighing 260lb (120kg).



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