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8 things you didn’t know about Gambia

The Gambia has unique quality features over many other destinations. It is only six hours flight from major European destinations with no jet lag. The Gambia is a popular and affordable all year round destination attracting tourists in search of sun, sand, sea, nature and varied cultural experience and of which this unique country has plenty.

Read through the top things you didn’t know about Gambia, as they may inspire you to visit.

Experience Gambia through amazing excursion 

The Gambia offers diverse sights and sounds which can be experienced through different excursions ranging from City Tours of Banjul to a 4-day land rover safari to the interior of the Gambia. one can even go beyond the frontiers to some parts of neighbouring Senegal.


Explore Gambia's nature 

The Gambia offers a variety of ecological settings you can choose from a number of bird and wildlife sanctuaries, including Abuko Nature Reserve, west Kiang National Park, and Lamin Lodge, where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the African forest Creek and mangroves swamp. The country is home to about 560 species if birds, and welcomes a large number of keen birds each year other fauna include monkeys, crocodiles, dolphins, and hippos. Find out more about what to do in the Gambia. 



Culinary experience in Gambia

When visiting The Gambia you'll find a huge choice of restaurants to suit every palate including Italian, Indian, Chinese and Lebanese, as well as international restaurants selling everything from a full English breakfast to fillet steak with peppercorn sauce. Western, Asian and African Foods are available at most hotels and restaurants. Most hotels serve Gambian food and the recommended dishes include Nyambeh-Nyebbeh, Pepper Soup, Domoda and more… With the presence of the mighty swamps around the banks of the River Gambia, the Smiling coast of Africa is also blessed with abundant oysters. Delight your taste buds and expand your culinary experiences in The Gambia.


Arts and Crafts

The craft Markets (Bendula) outside the main hotels offer a large variety of carvings, batik products, hand woven fabrics, leather and basket work, and Jewellery. Bargaining is all part of the fun and is often a lively dialogue, is typical of Gambia hospitality and warmth, embrace!


Find out more about Climate in the Gambia

The Gambia has a sub-tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year and average temperature highs between 29°C and 34°C. There are two distinct seasons. Towards the end of October, the dry season begins and the humidity decreases; the Gambian beaches are the perfect setting for your winter sun holiday. It won’t be until mid to late June that any rain is seen again, marking the start of the green season; at this time the generally short lived showers can be spectacular and you’ll know that it won’t be long before everything is bathed in the sunshine once more. The dry land soaks up the rain becoming lush and green and teaming with wildlife.


Immerse yourself in the Festival scene of the Gambia

There are a number of festivals that take place each year in The Gambia and most of these are based around annual Islamic festivals. Yet there are also a number of local and traditional religious festivals that are worth observing if you can. Whilst some of the Muslim festivals, such as Ramadan, can be ascetic affairs (except for Koriteh which takes place as Ramadan draws to a close and is a festival of great celebration!) the local festivals such as naming ceremonies and weddings are a riot of colour, dancing, and music. So keep your ears open and if you can get along to see one of these they are well worth a visit.


Enjoy the music in Gambia

Music is omnipresent in The Gambia; it forms part of the texture of everyday life and you’ll hear it wherever you go – be it pop music belting out of cars, bars and clubs, warm reggae in the tourist taxis, the low-level throb of the ubiquitous troupes of drummers, the dexterous harp-like shimmer of the kora, or the calmer sophistication of the blues and jazz musicians that this part of the world seems to produce at will.

It is part of the entertainment every night in most of the hotels in one form or another, and on many of the excursions also. Rest assured musical memories will be a large part of what you take away from your time in The Gambia.


Bird Watching

The Gambia abundance and diversity of bird life is ranked as one of the highest in the world, coupled with the fact that the country is one of the most accessible destinations on the continent, making it a favorite with bird watchers.


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