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7 Really Weird Restaurants That You Never Thought Existed

So, we all know of a few odd restaurants that we’re not sure if we’d ever visit again; whether it be the oddly-behaved staff, strange location or funny looking food. This article will blow all of that right out of the water – get ready to see some restaurants with a difference; from sitting on a chair made from ice to having dinner on Mars, are you sure you can stomach this level of crazy?

1. Hajime Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

Source: examiner.com

The food that is served in this restaurant is far from weird; all types of Japanese delicacies feature on the menu, of which are simply delicious. However, there is a catch- the waiters dance as they serve the food. Did I mention that the waiters were fully-functioning robots?

2. Modern Toilet – Taipei, Taiwan

This eccentric restaurant does what it says on the can! Modern Toilet is completely bathroom-themed; whilst eating your food from a toilet shaped bowl, you will be seated upon yet another porcelain scooter. Literally everything in this restaurant is toilet shaped – even the chocolate ice-cream looks questionable…

3. Snow Village Ice Restaurant - Lainio, Lapland, Finland

Would you like some ice with that? In Snow Village's Ice Restaurant, everything is made from ice- the building, chairs and the tables! The food that is served here is delectable; sample some of Finland’s finest cuisines such as reindeer and game meatballs.

4. Mars 2112 – Times Square, New York, USA

Calling all sci-fi lovers! For a truly diverse dining experience, come to Mars 2112, where you will be guided to your table by Martians as you walk across the hot, barren red terrain.

5. s’Baggers – Nuremberg, Germany

Source: blogcdn.com

More awesome than weird, oddly named s’Baggers boasts a futuristic waiter system- you order your food from a touchscreen, to then watch your food whizzing towards you on an overhead track that comes directly from the kitchen!

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to dine with the fishes? Rangali Island Resort sits at the bottom of the seabed – so you can dine on wonderful gourmet food and watch the sea life swimming overhead through the clear acrylic roof.

7. Catfish Plantation – Waxahachie, Texas, USA

Source: catfishplantation.com 

Catfish Plantation is a quirky, old Victorian building in Waxahachie, Texas, serving only the best, real Texan food. Not only will you get big portions- you may also get a big fright! This restaurant’s big attraction is its residents. Featured on may paranormal programmes and confirmed to be home to many earthbound spirits, Catfish Plantation offers a friendly service with a twist.

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