24 Hours in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most compelling cities on earth; with its naturally formed harbour, warm climate and amazing topography, you are sure to enjoy a day in the centre of this stunning metropolis. Situated on the east coast, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is the most populous city in Australia. Whether you are spending the day in Sydney for business, a travel stop-over or simply for leisure, there are a number of amazing landmarks to see that you simply must make time for.

1. Sunbathe on the famous Bondi Beach

Shaped almost like a moon, Bondi's sandy beaches consist of powdery white sand and a wonderful blue sea, whose white surf breaks ever so elegantly on the shore. Upon entering the beach you are greeted by a number of locals and tourists that lay tanning under the warm sun. At Campbell Parade, which runs alongside Bondi beach you will find a number of shops, hotels and restaurants.

2. See the Art Gallery of New South Wales

If you have a spare hour, then it is definitely worth it visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales which first opened in 1874. The astounding architecture of the building and the statues that sit either side of the entrance are a sight to behold; even if you do not consider yourself an appreciator of art, this Gallery will entice you to walk through the doors purely on aesthetics. On display at the Gallery are exhibitions such as traditional aboriginal settlement and modern day Australian art, as well as displays from Europe and Asia.

3. Visit (or take a ride on) the James Craig Tall Ship

Docked at Wharf 7, 58 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, the James Craig Tall Ship is a refurbished 19 century square rigger. Refurbishing this diamond of a vessel took 40 years, 30 million Australian dollars and was awarded the maritime medal upon completion.

4. Take a stroll or bike across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Known to locals as ‘The Coat-hanger’, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world, standing 134 metres above the harbour. It attracts thousands of tourists every year who wish to photograph the beautiful views it has to offer. This tremendous construction took 8 years, 1,400 men to build and was opened in 1932. One of the best ways to enjoy the bridge is to climb up it with BridgeClimb, a programme that started in 1998. A climb leaves every 10 minutes and the view at the top is breathtaking. You can still experience this by walking or biking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is free.

5. Visit the historical St Mary's Cathedral

Situated in the heart of the city centre, this sensational gothic building was the vision of William Wilkinson Wardell, the 19th century architect. The building was finally completed 100 years after the architect's death. It is truly a defining statement of art and beauty. You can take the bell tower tour or take part in a guided history tour that is sure to open your eyes to the remarkable stories that are held within the walls of the cathedral.

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