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24 Hours in Shanghai

Shanghai is a dazzling city of ancient and modern, filled with both, glamorous skyscrapers and art-deco gems, the city has plenty to entertain and inspire you. Here are our highlights.


1. Walk the Bund

Shanghai’s most iconic street, The Bund, is a place where you can familiarize yourself with the city's change to a more modern future. The Pudong is filled with the skyscrapers that represent the rising future of the city, as well as the bund houses international buildings from the UK, France, USA and many more.

2. Shanghai World Financial centre

Standing at 1,662 ft in the air, for now it is the tallest building in Mainland China. Take a trip to the very top and see Shanghai from a new perspective. Often called as the “Bottle Opener” due to its architectural design, you can reach the 91 floor in a matter of seconds.


There is no other place in Shanghai than the top floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center for an excellent overview of the city. It takes about one minute from the first floor to the 95th floor by elevator with a speed of ten meters per second. In the 100th viewing pavilion, visitors can see the peak of Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. In the 55 meters long viewing gallery, visitors can see the moving cars and passerby clearly through three transparent glass floors. The observation bridge at the top of the building is the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. This tower has 104 floors (101 floors above ground level and 3 floors underground) and it stands at a height of 492 meters. It is the fourth-tallest building in the world.

3. Taste the cuisine

When in Shanghai you have to try the local xiaolongbao or Shanghainese dumplings. They are normal dumplings, except they are steamed with the soup cooked inside, so when you bite into the dumpling it is very juicy. Be warned it is very hot due to the soup! You can find them in every restaurant menu.

4. Stroll through Century Park

Located deep in the Pudong area of the new district, it is the largest park in the city of Shanghai. There is a concert stage that is located in the center that allows musical acts to perform. You can also enjoy the park by renting a tandem bike and taking it for a ride.

5. Sing the night away


Karaoke has been a key past time for Shanghai since the 1980’s since its introduction by Mainland China. The most popular KTV in Shanghai are Haoledi and Cashbox, with a wide choice of Western songs with English subs, as well as Chinese songs and the increasing popular genre of k-pop. Enjoy a night of singing, drinking and eating with friends.

6. Just a bit of history

Located by the People’s Square, this museum houses tons of historic paintings, ceramics, clothing and artefacts. The museum is divided into ten sections so you can experience and explore the history of Shanghai and China in chronological order.

7. Walk to your heart's content

The infamous classical garden in Shanghai was built during the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago. Enjoy the sights of shaded alcoves, glittering pools that are full of carps (you can actually feed them), pavilions, pine sprouting from the rockeries and of course the many gardens designed to meet the needs of the wealthy officials 400 years ago.


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