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24 Hours in Marrakesh - Top Sights You Must See

Marrakesh is as magical a city as you'll ever find in the world. Just ask the snake charmers working their magic! If you're looking for a unique city experience then take a look at what you could do in 24 hours in Marrakesh.

1. Delve into Djema el-Fna


The beating heart of Marrakesh, Djema El-Fna is a location you're unlikely to forget in a hurry. A World Heritage Site, organised chaos will greet you at every street turn. Arguably, it is the evening when Djemma really comes to life, with belly dancers, and a wonderful street theatre - just some of the aspects that make this location well and truly come alive. No wonder that UNESCO branded Djemma El-Fna a 'masterpiece of world heritage'!

2. Get away from it all at Majorelle Garden


Marrakesh can be busy at the best of times, so get away from it all and earn some well-deserved, temporary respite as you check out Majorelle Garden. Bestowed upon the city by famous fashion designer and adopted Marrakeshian Yves Saint Laurent, you can take a serene walk through these enchanting gardens, taking in over 300 species of plants along the way.

3. Become invigorated in a hammam


The best way to describe a Hamman would be like a spa, however after stepping out of a Hamman, you may begin to reassess your definition of what a spa actually is. Hammans are great places to relax, with its steam rooms as its main attractions. This is alongside the notorious post-treatment, which includes scrubbing your skin with an exfoliating glove and a soap known as savon noir. As uncomfortable as this may feel, the feeling of cleanliness you get afterwards is unlike any other.

4. Discover the Medina of Marrakesh


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Marrakesh, this commercial centre also doubles up as a World Heritage Site. Attractions include the hugely popular and intimate rhiads, a type of resort which are in keeping with the theme of Medina of being set back in time.

5. Marvel at the Koutoubia Mosque


Widely viewed as Marrakesh's most notorious symbol, this mosque, despite only being 77 metres tall is easily the tallest building in the area, and can be seen from far and wide. Up close the Koutoubia Mosque is even better, with the sunset providing the perfect backdrop. Be warned - non-Muslims are forbidden to enter the mosque but don't let that stop you enjoying the merits of Koutoubia from the outside.

6. Lose yourself in the souks


Normally, we wouldn't advocate getting lost, however in order to truly experience the souks of Marrakesh, you're going to have to get lost (but not too lost!). A web of alleyways and streets, souks offer an incredible insight into life in Marrakesh, with the hilarious exchanges between shopkeepers and customers just an entertaining example of daily life in a souk.

7. Explore the depths of Atlas Mountains


Yet another way to (temporarily) escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains lie just outside of Marrakesh, so there is very little excuse for you not to check this location out. Boasting a breathtaking landscape, its cool temperatures are in stark contrast to the sweltering heat of Marrakesh.


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