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24 Hours in Copenhagen

The history of Copenhagen in Denmark comes from modest roots; founded as a fishing town, the capital city has grown to become the thriving metropolis it is today. With its stunning architecture, colourful houses and bicycle-friendly city centre, Copenhagen is populated by parks, promenades, history and a seemingly never-ending list of things that have to be seen if you should find yourself there. So, read on to discover a whirlwind tour of the highlights that cannot be missed in a day in the city!

Free Walking Tour of Copenhagen

If you want to experience the city with the help of a local guide then this tour is for you! Starting every morning from Copenhagen City Hall at 11am, the tour will reveal all of the big tourist attractions that there is to see. The tour will be led in English.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is the centre of the Prime Minister’s office, Danish Parliament and Supreme Court and has seen many transformations over the years. There have been many structures that have been built on the same site; the first castle was built around 1167 and the ruins can still be seen in protective chambers that stand underneath the castle. The showgrounds of the castle date back to 1738 and were built in a baroque style, the chapel was built in 1826 in neoclassical style and the main building was built in 1928 in a neo-baroque style. So, if historical architecture is something that is of interest, then visiting this castle is a must!

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Copenhagen is home to a large array of plant life; with over 13,000 species divided into separate themed gardens such as Conifer Hill, rock gardens and the rhododendron garden, bringing a camera to document the sheer diversity of beautiful nature will be advantageous.

Whilst only the garden is open to the public, the botanical gardens have a number of glasshouses from 1874 that even if they can only be looked at, are worthwhile to see due to the interesting ornate quality they have, when compared with the basic forms of modern glasshouses.


Perhaps it could be said that everything seems to last in Copenhagen – Dyrehavsbakken is no different – the 431 year old amusement park is the oldest in Denmark. Besides the conventional rollercoasters and other fun rides, if riding in a horse carriage or having a drink in the London bus that has been converted into a pub takes your fancy, then this amusement park truly does have it all. What is more, the setting is just simply breath-taking; surrounded by lush green pastures, old forests and many deer, sitting on one of the rollercoasters will give you a swift view (quite literally) of the terrain that surrounds you.

Open Air Museum – Frilandsmuseet

The open air museum, otherwise known as Frilandsmuseet, is full of history as well as innovation.

Discover farms and houses from past eras; most regions of Denmark are showcased at the museum – so get ready to experience the history of the whole of Denmark in just a couple of hours!

Visit Carlsberg Brewery

You may have to pay to get in and find out about the history of Carlsberg Brewery at the site of its first brewery, but that includes a tour including stables, a sculpture garden, history of beer exhibition, among many other delights. Did we mention that the fee includes not just one but two beers at the Carlsberg bar? Bargain!

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