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Lynn Penney from Yarmouth, Canada
Hi, I'm Lynn Penney, 46  
I'm currently in Halifax, Canada  
Erna Scott Cochrane from Sunset Beach, South Africa
Hi, I'm Erna Scott Cochrane, 53  
I'm currently in Sunset Beach, South Africa  
Olga Alisheva from Kherson, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Olga Alisheva, 57  
I'm currently in Kherson, Ukraine  
Kim Huynh from Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I'm Kim Huynh, 30  
I'm currently in Melbourne, Australia  
Meyling Choy from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Meyling Choy, 26  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Eunice Gatugi from Reykjavík, Iceland
Hi, I'm Eunice Gatugi, 48  
I'm currently in Reykjavík, Iceland  
Mindy Shiffer from Eugene, United States
Hi, I'm Mindy Shiffer, 36  
I'm currently in Eugene, United States  
Angela Clements from Estevan, Canada
Hi, I'm Angela Clements, 41  
I'm currently in Estevan, Canada  
Doreen Lanoi from Norway, United States
Hi, I'm Doreen Lanoi, 21  
I'm currently in Norway, United States  
Denise Sum from Singapore, Singapore
Hi, I'm Denise Sum, 33  
I'm currently in Singapore, Singapore