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Catarina Tomás from Toyokawa, Japan
Hi, I'm Catarina Tomás, 40  
I'm currently in Toyokawa, Japan  
Perla MacIel MacIel from London, England
Hi, I'm Perla MacIel MacIel, 38  
I'm currently in London, England  
Cornelia Reiter from Salzburg, Austria
Hi, I'm Cornelia Reiter, 50  
I'm currently in Amelia, Italy  
Katarina Stepanyuk from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Katarina Stepanyuk, 24  
I'm currently in Budva, Montenegro  
Lavanya Dubey from Centurion, South Africa
Hi, I'm Lavanya Dubey, 26  
I'm currently in Centurion, South Africa  
Ilona Miziewicz from Szczecin, Poland
Hi, I'm Ilona Miziewicz, 38  
I'm currently in Szczecin, Poland  
Wioletta P. from London, England
Hi, I'm Wioletta P., 36  
I'm currently in London, England  
Analía Gonz from Argentina, Argentina
Hi, I'm Analía Gonz, 36  
I'm currently in San Lorenzo, Argentina  
Maryellen Dunlop from Sale, England
Hi, I'm Maryellen Dunlop, 29  
I'm currently in Sale, England  
Susan Howard from Greensboro, United States
Hi, I'm Susan Howard, 53  
I'm currently in Greensboro, United States