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Nuria Navarro from Málaga, Spain
Hi, I'm Nuria Navarro, 39  
I'm currently in Málaga, Spain  
Larik Novikova from Ukrainets, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Larik Novikova, 56  
I'm currently in Ukrainets, Ukraine  
Julie Bertone from Perth, Australia
Hi, I'm Julie Bertone, 51  
I'm currently in Perth, Australia  
Monica Hazan from West Palm Beach, United States
Hi, I'm Monica Hazan, 55  
I'm currently in West Palm Beach, United States  
Sheri Valsin from Dallas, United States
Hi, I'm Sheri Valsin, 55  
I'm currently in Dallas, United States  
Julie Van Der Zwaag from Peterborough, Canada
Hi, I'm Julie Van Der Zwaag, 51  
I'm currently in Lindsay, Canada  
Celly Rojo from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Celly Rojo, 39  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Marianna Albert from Budapest, Hungary
Hi, I'm Marianna Albert, 70  
I'm currently in Budapest, Hungary  
Martine Tucker from Maasmechelen, Belgium
Hi, I'm Martine Tucker, 52  
I'm currently in Maasmechelen, Belgium  
Lidzia Mala from Dzierzoniów, Poland
Hi, I'm Lidzia Mala, 46  
I'm currently in Dzierżoniów, Poland