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Natalie Johnson from The Woodlands, United States
Hi, I'm Natalie Johnson, 29  
I'm currently in The Woodlands, United States  
Gulser Ahmed from Haskovo, Bulgaria
Hi, I'm Gulser Ahmed, 48  
I'm currently in Haskovo, Bulgaria  
Jacqueline Vargas from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Jacqueline Vargas, 37  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Elena Shmarova from Minsk, Belarus
Hi, I'm Elena Shmarova, 48  
I'm currently in Minsk, Belarus  
Mena Mara from Timisoara, Romania
Hi, I'm Mena Mara, 39  
I'm currently in Timi┼čoara, Romania  
Raquel Sequeira from Lisbon, Portugal
Hi, I'm Raquel Sequeira, 42  
I'm currently in Lisbon, Portugal  
Jasmin Gerstner from Essen, Germany
Hi, I'm Jasmin Gerstner, 25  
I'm currently in Essen, Germany  
Yilin Hsu from New York, United States
Hi, I'm Yilin Hsu, 30  
I'm currently in New York, United States  
Norma Buchan from Glasgow, Scotland
Hi, I'm Norma Buchan, 53  
I'm currently in Glasgow, Scotland  
Heidi Evonne Preville from Castries, Saint Lucia
I'm currently in Castries, Saint Lucia  
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