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Luminita Constanta from Constanta, Romania
Hi, I'm Luminita Constanta, 49  
I'm currently in ConstanĊ£a, Romania  
Melanie Knoxx from Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm Melanie Knoxx, 37  
I'm currently in Toronto, Canada  
Ty Kestler from Fargo, United States
Hi, I'm Ty Kestler, 31  
I'm currently in Fargo, United States  
Larisa Molosh from Minsk, Belarus
Hi, I'm Larisa Molosh, 49  
I'm currently in Minsk, Belarus  
Isabel Da Costa from Lisbon, Portugal
Hi, I'm Isabel Da Costa, 25  
I'm currently in Lisbon, Portugal  
Vicki Stuart from Blackpool, England
Hi, I'm Vicki Stuart, 58  
I'm currently in Blackpool, England  
Rosie Lee from Auckland, New Zealand
Hi, I'm Rosie Lee, 70  
I'm currently in Coromandel, New Zealand  
Kayla Naomi from Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm Kayla Naomi, 32  
I'm currently in Toronto, Canada  
Ursula Heysen from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Ursula Heysen, 39  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Vilma Sumagang from Hoboken, United States
Hi, I'm Vilma Sumagang, 61  
I'm currently in Hoboken, United States