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Ileana Monetti from Marseille, France
Hi, I'm Ileana Monetti, 30  
I'm currently in Marseille, France  
Irina Prizhimova from Voronezh, Russia
Hi, I'm Irina Prizhimova, 61  
I'm currently in Voronezh, Russia  
Kathy Walk from Atkinson, United States
Hi, I'm Kathy Walk, 76  
I'm currently in Omaha, United States  
Mikkie Tee from Brisbane, Australia
Hi, I'm Mikkie Tee, 28  
I'm currently in Brisbane, Australia  
Luisa Rodriguez from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Luisa Rodriguez, 45  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Ina Van der Merwe from Pretoria, South Africa
Hi, I'm Ina Van der Merwe, 72  
I'm currently in Pretoria, South Africa  
Esther Bilny from Winnipeg, Canada
Hi, I'm Esther Bilny, 40  
I'm currently in Winnipeg, Canada  
Fadzliena R. from Singapore, Singapore
Hi, I'm Fadzliena R., 31  
I'm currently in Singapore, Singapore  
Vaughnny Gal Valeroso from Cheyenne, United States
I'm currently in Davao City, Philippines  
Patricia Meaden from Koblenz, Germany
Hi, I'm Patricia Meaden, 54  
I'm currently in Koblenz, Germany