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Ileana Monetti from Montevideo, Uruguay
Hi, I'm Ileana Monetti, 29  
I'm currently in Montevideo, Uruguay  
Lily Ruffet from Birmingham, England
Hi, I'm Lily Ruffet, 29  
I'm currently in Birmingham, England  
Luisa Rodriguez from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Luisa Rodriguez, 44  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Tanja S... from Bayern, Germany
Hi, I'm Tanja S..., 39  
I'm currently in Bayern, Germany  
Marta Nawrocka from Szczecin, Poland
Hi, I'm Marta Nawrocka, 29  
I'm currently in Szczecin, Poland  
Brenda Lawrence from Hatfield, England
Hi, I'm Brenda Lawrence, 56  
I'm currently in Welwyn Garden City, England  
Rada Rada from Belgrade, Serbia
Hi, I'm Rada Rada, 50  
I'm currently in Niš, Serbia  
Sandy Tane from Perth, Australia
Hi, I'm Sandy Tane, 54  
I'm currently in Port Hedland, Australia  
Ashley May from Edmonton, Canada
Hi, I'm Ashley May, 29  
I'm currently in Edmonton, Canada  
Arina Av from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Arina Av, 44  
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
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