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Ileana Monetti from Montevideo, Uruguay
Hi, I'm Ileana Monetti, 30  
I'm currently in Mexico City, Mexico  
Natalie Romero from Seville, Spain
Hi, I'm Natalie Romero, 43  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
Lana Bogomolova from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Hi, I'm Lana Bogomolova, 45  
I'm currently in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia  
Madam Madam from Ploiesti, Romania
Hi, I'm Madam Madam, 56  
I'm currently in Ploie┼čti, Romania  
Melissa Macarenna from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Melissa Macarenna, 32  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Zepring Lee from Taipei, Taiwan
Hi, I'm Zepring Lee, 47  
I'm currently in Taipei, Taiwan  
Isabel Amber from Winchester, England
Hi, I'm Isabel Amber, 35  
I'm currently in Winchester, England  
Taymara Mauricia from Willemstad, Curacao
Hi, I'm Taymara Mauricia, 37  
I'm currently in Willemstad, Curacao  
Laura Bluesea from Gasteiz / Vitoria, Spain
Hi, I'm Laura Bluesea, 44  
I'm currently in Gasteiz / Vitoria, Spain  
Cally Hounsell from Portsmouth, England
Hi, I'm Cally Hounsell, 30  
I'm currently in Portsmouth, England