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Jo an Mulharte from Rostock, Germany
Hi, I'm Jo an Mulharte, 69  
I'm currently in Bergen, Norway  
Aneta Najdanovska from Skopje, Macedonia
Hi, I'm Aneta Najdanovska, 50  
I'm currently in Skopje, Macedonia  
Esmare Leslie from Cape Town, South Africa
Hi, I'm Esmare Leslie, 34  
I'm currently in Cape Town, South Africa  
Sliva Sliva from Riga, Latvia
Hi, I'm Sliva Sliva, 38  
I'm currently in Riga, Latvia  
Maria Marli Paz Costa from São Paulo, Brazil
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil  
Mihaela Miha from Lucerne, Switzerland
Hi, I'm Mihaela Miha, 53  
I'm currently in Lucerne, Switzerland  
Merani Jennings from Atlanta, United States
Hi, I'm Merani Jennings, 28  
I'm currently in Atlanta, United States  
Lorraine Graham from Crawley, England
Hi, I'm Lorraine Graham, 33  
I'm currently in Crawley, England  
Lise Bouchard from Longueuil, Canada
Hi, I'm Lise Bouchard, 43  
I'm currently in Longueuil, Canada  
Susana Coerver from Lisbon, Portugal
Hi, I'm Susana Coerver, 35  
I'm currently in Lisbon, Portugal  
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