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Nina Nina from Bel’, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Nina Nina, 58  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
Bohdana Marko from Lviv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Bohdana Marko, 45  
I'm currently in Lviv, Ukraine  
Ewelina Szczerba from Wroclaw, Poland
Hi, I'm Ewelina Szczerba, 33  
I'm currently in Wrocław, Poland  
Nicola Diplock from Bournemouth, England
Hi, I'm Nicola Diplock, 28  
I'm currently in Bournemouth, England  
Christina Pang from Singapore, Singapore
Hi, I'm Christina Pang, 28  
I'm currently in Singapore, Singapore  
Kathryn Latour from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hi, I'm Kathryn Latour, 59  
I'm currently in Frankfurt am Main, Germany  
Cybele Chen from Chantilly, United States
Hi, I'm Cybele Chen, 27  
I'm currently in Chantilly, United States  
Daniela Roberta from Lyss, Switzerland
Hi, I'm Daniela Roberta, 33  
I'm currently in Bern, Switzerland  
Tahmineh Zardasht from Las Vegas, United States
Hi, I'm Tahmineh Zardasht, 37  
I'm currently in Las Vegas, United States  
Vik Kor from Gelendzhik, Russia
Hi, I'm Vik Kor, 47  
I'm currently in Gelendzhik, Russia