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Vasia Gf from Thessaloníki, Greece
Hi, I'm Vasia Gf, 51  
I'm currently in Thessaloníki, Greece  
Sabine Ehlert from Paris, France
Hi, I'm Sabine Ehlert, 44  
I'm currently in Paris, France  
Louise Wigby from London, England
Hi, I'm Louise Wigby, 32  
I'm currently in London, England  
Ashli Johnson from New York, United States
Hi, I'm Ashli Johnson, 26  
I'm currently in New York, United States  
Valérie Estour Briday from Lyon, France
I'm currently in Lyon, France  
Richard Shen from Taipei, Taiwan
Hi, I'm Richard Shen, 43  
I'm currently in Taipei, Taiwan  
Bianca Nogueira Boesche from Curitiba, Brazil
I'm currently in Curitiba, Brazil  
Adriana Melo from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Hi, I'm Adriana Melo, 46  
I'm currently in Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
Sophia Purkiss from London, England
Hi, I'm Sophia Purkiss, 29  
I'm currently in London, England  
BibilRenata Bibil from São Paulo, Brazil
Hi, I'm BibilRenata Bibil, 33  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil