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Nina Nina from Kyiv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Nina Nina, 59  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
Irina Henric from Tallinn, Estonia
Hi, I'm Irina Henric, 40  
I'm currently in Tallinn, Estonia  
OndakiteHtml Cm from Ponta Negra, Brazil
Hi, I'm OndakiteHtml Cm, 47  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil  
Eli Alexandrova from Sofia, Bulgaria
Hi, I'm Eli Alexandrova, 42  
I'm currently in Sofia, Bulgaria  
Fátima Soares from Cascavel, Brazil
Hi, I'm Fátima Soares, 46  
I'm currently in Natal, Brazil  
Masa Furedi from Budapest, Hungary
Hi, I'm Masa Furedi, 39  
I'm currently in Budapest, Hungary  
Irina Volchkova from Zürich, Switzerland
Hi, I'm Irina Volchkova, 36  
I'm currently in Zürich, Switzerland  
Graziella Buhagiar from Zejtun, Malta
Hi, I'm Graziella Buhagiar, 41  
I'm currently in Żejtun, Malta  
Pd Smith from Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm Pd Smith, 59  
I'm currently in Toronto, Canada  
Anastasia De Cesare from London, England
Hi, I'm Anastasia De Cesare, 45  
I'm currently in London, England